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Top 10 Mobile Business Franchise Opportunities

Who says you have to stay at home to operate a profitable franchise business? The following franchise opportunities are for people that like to be on the go, or at least serve people that are!

Nitro2Go Distributorships

The energy drink market has really exploded and it still has plenty of room for growth. The energy drink industry grew by 55% last year and continued growth is expected. With a Nitro2Go distributorship you can take part in the more than $3 billion that were spent on energy drinks in 2005. More than a year later that number is going up so get involved now while the industry is hot!

The entry level start up package costs as little as $7,308 and this includes inventory! There are no hidden franchise fees you will be hit with down the road or any other hidden costs. What you see is what you get with a Nitro2Go distributorship. Incredibly, for such a small investment you will receive the refrigerators, merchandising materials, as well as all the product you need to get started.

Nitro2Go is one of the top ten mobile business opportunities because of the amazing product, small investment, and outstanding support. The distributorship requires a total capital investment of $8,000 and liquid capital of $8,000. No financing assistance is offered, but training and support are.

Cuppy’s Coffee and More Franchise

A drive thru coffee franchise is an amazing way to make money and have fun while doing it. Sell lattes, mochas, smoothies, coffee, and more, and capitalize on the popularity of coffee on the run. Cuppy’s Coffee and More provides such a wonderful product that customers return several times a week. All the training you need to run your Cuppy’s franchise successfully will be provided to you. This includes Coffee College, in store training, and support that continues. This includes finding a piece of real estate with high potential and a low price.

The total capital investment is $25,000 – $450,000 and the liquid capital requirement is $50,000. Your net worth must be at least $100,000 and financial assistance is available. Training and support are also supplied.

Filtafry Franchise

This internationally recognized franchise provides a wonderful opportunity to those who want a successful business. Services are provided on a weekly basis and a customer base with as few as 40 customers is enough to make the business successful. Filtafry is environmentally friendly and may be run form one’s home, which makes overhead low. Little stock is needed and the first few customers are guaranteed. Filtafry may be run by one person from one van, or multiple van operations may be created to increase revenue. Success is practically guaranteed with all the support offered to Filtafry franchisees.

Total capital required for this business is $63,750 – $75,100 and financing via a third party is acceptable.

Aussie Pet Mobile Franchise

For all the pet lovers out there the Aussie Pet Mobile franchise is a great mobile franchise opportunity. Total capital investment is between $60,000 and $240,000 and a net worth of at least $150,000 is required. Financial assistance is not provided although training and support is.

The Aussie Pet Mobile has become very popular since its inception in Australia in 1996. In fact, this is the pet industry’s fastest growing franchise. More than 330 territories in the US have been franchised and 10 other countries worldwide have been sold the master licenses. The business model is outstanding and a guaranteed success.

Drug Test Consultant

This franchise is outstanding as it helps kids, parents, and you as a businessperson. For as little as $3000 you can sign the contract and become a Drug Test Consultant. Financing assistance is not available, although training and support are. This opportunity is amazing because it costs little to get started, full support is offered, and before long you will be making money and will have paid off your initial investment in no time! The Drug Test Consultant is an outstanding opportunity.

Squeegee Squad Franchise

The Squeegee Squad is a franchise that take advantage of the maintenance services and contract cleaning industry. Billions of dollars are spent each year with franchises like this, so buying a Squeegee Squad franchise is a wonderful opportunity for growth. The total capital investment is $44,451 – $71,262 and financial assistance is not offered. Training and support are offered.

The benefit of this franchise is that it may be started out of your home and has low start up costs. There is no real estate you need to buy or inventory to count. Plus, if you work every day you get paid every day!

Maid Brigade Franchise

In this world of busy workdays people just don’t have time to clean up after themselves. So, they hire someone to do it. Owning a franchise like Maid Brigade ensures that you have plenty of business because everyone’s homes get dirty! This franchise requires a total capital investment of $104,000, although financing assistance is available via a third party. Training and support are also offered.

Light Therapy Systems Franchise

One of the top 10 mobile franchises is Light Therapy Systems. This franchise requires a total capital investment of only $10,000. Training and support are offered and no experience is necessary. The profit margins are excellent and the services are highly desirable. Light Therapy Systems provides treatment for acne, cellulite, facial rejuvenation, depression, and psoriasis. This mobile franchise has huge market potential and requires minimal investment.

Dine in Delivery Franchise

With a capital investment as little as $20,000 you can have your very own Dine in Delivery franchise! This opportunity provides training and support so you aren’t out on your own. Basically, the Dine in Delivery business focuses on delivering meals from participating restaurants to homes, offices, and hotels.

With the average worker spending more time in the office and with entry costs comparatively low, mobile businesses are set to become one of the fastest growing sectors of the franchise industry.

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