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Choosing the Right Franchise in 2009

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The entrepreneurs and business people looking to strike out on their own with a brand new franchise opportunity in 2009 will need to make sure they explore all of their options carefully. With the unstable economic situation that exists today it is wise to be very thorough about all of the aspects of any business decision and you need to be extremely vigilant when it comes to the direction your career, and life, will take. Deciding on the best franchise opportunity for 2009 is as much about finding the best value for your initial investment as it is in making sure that the franchise you have chosen will be financially viable in an economic climate such as the climate that exists today.

Starting up a new franchise in difficult economic times can be a two way street. Taking a financial risk in an economic climate such as this can be a very difficult, and incredibly stressful, thing. At the same time, if you can establish and grow a successful business in these times, then you can use the economy to your advantage to establish yourself by reaching out when your competition is withdrawing for fears of losing money and when the economy turns you could be in a very strong position.

The first thing you want to look for is whether or not the franchise opportunity makes sense financially. You need to weigh the initial investment with the potential first year earnings. If it looks like you will be paying off your initial investment for many years, then you may want to consider a different franchise. Also make sure there is demand for your franchise in your target market and that the target market is not already saturated with the competition. It does not make sense to open a coffee shop where there are three other coffee shops within 100 yards.

The next thing to look for is support. Find out how the franchiser intends on supporting your efforts with advice and marketing. Many national chains do a lot to assist their franchises in gaining new business and the more help you can get the better off you will be long term. Some companies may give you the induction and initial product knowledge training, then the support ends and you are left to your own devices. Ensure what the long term support and assistance is going to be.Make sure you speak to other people within the group for feedback. You may be more interested in small niche market ventures. Just make sure you think seriously about what you are taking on.

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