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World Most Expensive Car Tint

This story will sound fantastic, but written here is true, only true and nothing more than true.  But as we know real truth very often sound more fantastic than true lies. But of course it is up to You – to believe? Or not to believe.

What is the first thing people do after buy a car? Yes, of course – they think what else they can add to standart car equipment – whatever this car cost Eur 1000 or Eur 2,000,000. People add spoilers-shmoilers, bumpers, stickers, grills and tons of additional lamps, louspeakers, amplifires and many other useless? But blinging things. Window film is among tham.

But what to do if Your car cost two-three hundred thousands Euro? Or at least one million? Put same grey economy line tint under label “super-puper-supreme-superior-DeLux”?  Yeaaah, it can be nice gag, and may be some people do that, or better to tell did before. Before was born World Most Expensive Window Film. Window Film for people who’s car serial number from 1 to 10, and no more cars in this serie. For  people who think that they need more than cheap polyester on their car glass. For people who understand that paying number with six zero’s for their car, they must follow trend – and pay equal amount for any additional thing for this car – whatever this is car wash or nut for wheel. But thanks some bright brains this miracle was born.

But let’s go step by step, let’s listen this story from this product Godfather – Leonard F. Yankelovich, famous Russian TintDADDY, Vodka Science Academic, man who was in funky businessman tens years before same name book was written.

“Once very nice lady visited our company. At first glamce we decide that she is crazy. Of course it was. May be because she had one serious problem – how to waste her father – Kazakh oil king – money. She ordered custjn limo from limited edition MINI, and at last steps of this project car need to be tinted. Not. Tinted. All smoke-black-charcoal and other grey stuff was thrown out. As car was pink – our proposal was pink window film” – told us Leonard

“That’s OK” – replied Regina,” But only for some windows. I need exclusive. Exclusive from exclusive from exclusive. Not exclusivest exclusive from exclusive. Price doesn’t matter. No. Matter. Price must be overhigh? Otherwise I don’t need it”.

“That’s nice. And that what we like” – Leonard was happy is he is one of the most crazy fighters with grey stuff on car glasses.

“Pink film on the market was not a problem. The problem was not discolorating pink window film – nobody made it before. All pink film discolorate in 2-6 month and look urgly. But – power of Soviet science is still in us. And I spoke some bright brains at our factory equipment supplier – Sidrabe (on latvian Silver). This factory was born with cosmic era and Soviet success in space is also because Sidrabe (of course during soviet time this factory have only number – like all soviet military factories). Lunokhod coating and glass coating on Evgeny Leonov’s survival kit – all this was created at Sidrabe. Their inventions  passed most extremely and most trutfull test – outer space test. That’s why DARTSFILMZ.TV used their equipment, and that’s why I made a decision to discuss most-most-most window film idea with factory scientists. Pink film problem was decided easily – some rare metal nanocoating allow us to get unachievable by other teams result. Like told me engeneers – we call it Space-&-Back Technology – You can go to space and come back – coating will notn change the color. But that was only first step to our aim. Will not tell You that second step was very hard. Super-puper exclusive idea was born fast and easy – with first shots of Vodka. Gold, Platinum – anything, told me factory guys. Old soviet coater is still OK and still working. We don’t use it as it is quite expensive – but if if You have an aim to spent money, we will be happy yo support You in this. I was happy” – told us Leonard drinking Imperial collection Vodka from FaBerge egg.

“Hope it won’t cost me only ten thousand” – asked me Regina

“No. For Sure NO. Natural gold plated film will cost You Eur 50,000 per each side door. But as You have only two doors – totally it will cost You Eur 100,000. Of course one Euro discount – so only Eur 99,999, exact like gold purity” – second shot show us the bottom.

“Deal” – was Regina’s short reply.

“But – not all rich papa’s daughters are brainless money waisters, and next day I got a call”

“Leonard, of course I want exclusive from exclsuive. But I also want to make money from that. Why not to make same tints for other customers?”

“Hmmmmm…… You think there are holidays in madhouse? I want to ask Regina. ButI told her – If You can sell it – why not?”

Here is the story how was born World Most Expensive Car Film, told us by this film creator Leonard F. Yankelovich. But – that’s only beginning of this miracle story. Story which sounds like fairy tail, but not a fairy tail. Second customer was famous Russo-Baltique car.

We think that’s really destiny that these two products – World Most Expensive Car Film and World Most Expensive Car was historically born in one place. Both of this things (car and film) follow Riga’s traditions. Both of them made Riga famous not only like Her Majesty Secret Service Agent 007 supplier with Vodka Stoly, but also like city with strong scietific and manufacturing traditions. Both of them rose  the flags of factories which stopped for sometime, but proudly start their way again. Russo-Balt factory was born in Tzar Russia at 1913, Sidrabe was born at Breznev’s U.S.S.R. at 1962. Both this brands became famouse again in wild capitalist 90-th.

There are lot of information about Russo-Baltique project in internet and what we will do – just put some Russo-Balt factory pictures, pictures of one of two classic Russo-Balt’s left in the world and link to other blogs – as our story is not about this car.

But our story is about World Most Expensive Car Film which is now installed on two ….let’s name tham not cheap cars – MillionEuroMini SHAGADELIC.GLAMOUR (http://MillionEuroMini.Com ) and Russo-Baltique Impression (http://RussoBaltique.Com) . Film which will make Your car much more exclsuive than exclusive. For example no any Veyron or Maybach  have this films.

And here is some information about films we got from Leonard.

You can choose any metall coating – silver, gold, platinum, tungsteen, or so on. You can buy You own metal or ask us to do that.

You can choose coating thicknes  – it is practically not limited, but of course must choosed smart.

You can choose VLT You want – of course there are regulations, but DARTSFILMZ.TV leave VLT decision with You, hope You can pay penalty for Your Gold Film.

You can come and see how Your gold are slowly sputerred on window film – of You can order video how it was. Anycase DARTSFILMZ.TV promise You that all Your ordered gold, or platinum will be on Your window film.

One of the options – You can invite installer from DARTSFILMZ.TV who will provide You full installation service to any point of our planet.

 And the final countdown. Prices on World Most Expensive Car Film start from Eur 99,999 per two door kit. And that’s with discount.

Ooooooooops, we forget one more thing. World Most Expensive Car Film now have two names – MillionEuroFilm and Russo-Baltique.Film. Hope You understand why.

And let’s tell our thanks to  new russians (kazakhs) , that they make some people’s brain to work faster than other.


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Leonard F. Yankelovich, Russian TintDADDY, Vodka Science Academic

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