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Here is how I see the Top 10 picks in the 2010 NFL Draft playing out as of April 8th.

St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford, Quarterback, Oklahoma: Bradford is going to be the pick; it’s nearly a lock.  He looked great at his pro day and has filled out considerably since last season, putting to bed some of the concerns about his slight frame contributing to future injuries.  The Rams will probably be tempted to select Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy here, but they’ve taken a defensive lineman in the first round two of the past three seasons.  The team recently released Marc Bulger, so they don’t have much to speak of at the quarterback position, and the organization has to find a way to sell NFL tickets.  Selecting a quarterback will get people in St. Louis excited and give the team a franchise quarterback to pair with running back Steven Jackson.

Detroit Lions – Ndamukong Suh, Defensive Tackle, Nebraska: They could definitely opt for Russell Okung here, but I think the recent acquisition of Rob Sims has shifted their focus back to Suh.  I think McCoy is a better pro prospect, but Suh could be the safer pick.  His strength won’t allow him to dominate people to the level he did in college, but he should be extremely effective right off the bat.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy, Defensive Tackle, Oklahoma: McCoy is the number one player on my draft board and I think the Bucs would be very happy to select him.  They need an interior lineman and McCoy has Pro Bowl potential written all over him.  He gets great penetration and should consistently find his way into opponents’ backfields.  He’ll be a much better pass-rusher than Suh and could end up being comparable against the run.

Washington Redskins – Russell Okung, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma State: I had Jimmy Clausen slated here until Washington acquired Donovan McNabb via trade.  I think they’ll look to protect their new quarterback with the best offensive line prospect in this draft class.  Okung plays with a mean streak and has major potential.

Kansas City Chiefs – Bryan Bulaga, Offensive Tackle, Iowa: The Chiefs need to find a way to protect their big investment from last offseason, quarterback Matt Cassel.  Cassel played pretty well in 2009 considering he was consistently getting hit and hurried, so the team should go out and get someone to protect his blind side.  Bulaga isn’t the elite prospect that Okung is, but he’s on the next tier.

Seattle Seahawks – Eric Berry, Safety, Tennessee: Pete Carroll would love to get his hands on a player like Berry, who is what everyone thought Taylor Mays was at this time last year.  Berry is a ball hawk and can be a huge playmaker if allowed to roam.

Cleveland Browns – Dan Williams, Defensive Tackle, Tennessee: ESPN’s Todd McShay floated this idea out there and I have to admit that I like it.  It seems a bit early for Williams, but he’s a hot name right now and could be the guy that makes the most sense here for Cleveland.  I think Holmgren wants Berry but would settle for Williams here, especially with Shaun Rogers’ recent run-in with the law.

Oakland Raiders – Anthony Davis, Offensive Tackle, Rutgers: Bruce Campbell is just too much of a reach here.  However, Davis has a ton of potential as well and I think is reasonable enough for Oakland to snatch up.  The knock on Davis is his attitude, but I think his potential will outweigh that in the eyes of the Raiders.

Buffalo Bills – Trent Williams, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma: Even with Jimmy Clausen available, I think the Bills will opt for Williams if he’s still on the board – or at least they should.  He’s ready to play now and the Bills should start building this team through the trenches.   He can probably play right tackle for a year before making the transition to the left side.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Derrick Morgan, Defensive End, Georgia Tech: The Jags haven’t been unable to generate much of a pass rush in recent seasons, especially from the outside.  While Morgan isn’t an elite pass-rusher, he does project to be a very good end that plays equally well against the run and pass.


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