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Use Sales Training in Your Small Business

When you have a passion for something and want to open a business, you might find a plethora of courses and seminars that all offer help and success. Well, there are many of these that you find useless and you wish that you had rather spent the money on more supplies for your business, but there are some courses that really do help. Sales training is one of those, as this can help you no matter what business you want to run and it can help you in various different ways and circumstances.


Now, when you have completed a sales training seminar or course, you will be motivated to sell something. If you have a business that does sell products or services, then great – you can start using the new skills you have  just learnt right away, but what if your business is something a little different, like a casting agency. If you are in the film and television industry, or have a modeling background, a casting agency might be your passion. But there are not really any sales involved here. You get potential models to join for free and then you send them off to various castings and auditions that you hear about. In this instance your sales training will be used to sell your models. They are the product. You will communicate with casting directors and the like and up-sell your models. After all, if they make money then so do you.

Selling products in a store might seem like a mediocre use if your sales skills and you might think that you will never really get to use all the techniques that you learn. Well, let’s think bigger. If you own a shop that sells dog products, you cannot just wait for dog owners to come to you. Think about selling to dog grooming parlor, organize referrals from vets, and even promote and sell products at pet shows. There are no limits once you have all the skills behind you.

Using your sales training in a small business like a café or restaurant will come in handy for your staff. You can put together a sales package where you explain how to want them to sell to customers, or you can motivate them during a meeting. Remember that most waiters that you hire will be still in school, or at college using your establishment as a part time job. So, when you want them to be the best sales people that they can be, offer an incentive to help them along. Allow them to earn a commission from every specific sale that they make, for example: if you have a certain wine that you are promoting.

There are many, many ways to use your sales training to benefit you when you open a small business – you just have to remember to think big. Just because you have a small business, doesn’t mean your ideas and sales strategies have to be small too. If you use your sales training to help your business, eventually you could turn your small business into a bigger business, offer franchises and even turn into a huge corporation! 

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