Subway Franchise Advantages

subway franchise advantages

How do the Top 100 Global Franchises rate compared to the top online home business?

The Top 100 franchises report shows that if you would like to own a food service, like the great McDonald’s or Subway, or the many others that you see on main street, they are rated the best. Interestingly, most of the other top 100 franchise options are related to helping people get rid of the fat they acquired while eating that food.

So, the question is why are they considered the Top? They get ranked on the number of units the franchise system has, and how far they have expanded globally across the world. They get ranked on financial stability and strength. They also took in account how many years the franchise has been around, and the support plans that they have in place. They even take in consideration the impact the company will have on the community such as charity work, community projects, and environmental affects.

Although they are interesting topics to consider when buying a franchise, is that really giving you the best picture? Owning a business is about the reality of day to day operations, cash flow, and the bottom line of profits.

I’m just curious how long we can rate things on a surface level. We need to look at the bigger picture of how beneficial these types of franchises are to the American people. It seems a shame that we are feeding them with food that makes them fat and then selling them everything to loose the weight. Are you interested in those areas? Do you really want the head aches that go with those franchises?

And what about buying an online business? There are businesses that are a fraction of the investment required by franchises. The top online businesses, are those that are providing something better for people living in this tough economy. There are products and services that will teach people how to take control of their financial future and become successful contributors to the world.

Isn’t that the kind of business that should get the top ratings? Being a former business owner, I know what is involved in a business whether you buy a franchise or start it from scratch. A franchise can have it’s advantages to a traditional  brick and mortar business, but it is not the only way to buy a business with a turn-key operation with a training system and business in a box so to speak.

We found a business that works 24/7 while we raise our kids, and enjoy our friends and family. Yes, it still takes work, but it’s a blast. We considered a franchise, and we closed our brick and mortar business down. We chose a new business model that allows us to work from home helping people make their lives better in these difficult financial times. We absolutely love it. We mentor and train others who would like to do the same.

Do your research, find out how you can really make a difference in the lives of your family and those who really need help. Look for something that can reach the largest market in the world, accessing 1.5 billion people on the internet. Look for profits of 75% with low overheads. Look for something that you rate 100% in all areas of your personal desires, and the better of others.

About the Author

We now work from home, and work anywhere in the world so that we can be with family and friends. Guy Luminato was born to Italian parents and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Michele Luminato was born and raised in Billings, Montana.