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I did not get a Guild Wars Factions Access Key?

Ok, so, when I bought Guild Wars factions, opened it up, I had read that the Access Key is in a little white “envelope” type folded piece of paper that is square. I open up the SEALED box, and look on the left side where all the manuals and stuff are. This is exactly what I got:
A 14 Day trial for some games, no access key in it for the game, just some trials

A white piece of paper that was NOT folded saying how to install guild wars factions and then how to start it, No access key

A booklet of franchise games from ncsoft, advertising them and telling you about them, no access key.

The brown piece of paper with the Guild Wars skill point allocation and keyboard commands and the quick reference.
No Access Key

Those were the only things in the box, I remind you it was sealed, and I bought it from gamestop. I will continue to investigate this, but if anyone has any ideas I’d like some help. I did NOT lose it, I ASSURE you that.

Try the inside cover of the manual. Sometimes they hide the code in that.