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spray car wax reviews

A Review of the Scentsy Income Opportunity

Founded in 2004, Scentsy brings value by providing a family friendly atmosphere to this industry related business. They sell artistic, creative products that touch the senses, inspire the soul and warm the heart. The company offers over eighty quality fragrances through their products to enrich the senses.

Scentsy simply makes perfects scents. They offer products that bypass the sooty candles by offering products that are healthy, safe, and fun. Their original Scentsy Bar is an impressive wickless candle that is heated in a warmer instead of burned by fire.

Only the finest scented oils are hand picked and formulated to emit an array of aromas. These are poured into containers for easy handling and storage. Aromatic room sprays and automobile candles are also manufactured at the company’s warehouse facility.

Scentsy offers a variety of products all scented with a variety of aromas. The company offers Scentsy Bars, and Scentsy Warmers to put the bars into for warming and giving off fragrance. They also offer their room sprays and car candles. This encompasses a very wide variety of products for everyone’s distinct lifestyle and taste. They offer a very distinct catalogue in PDF format for free downloading at the company website.

There are many companies that offer scented candles. The problem with this is simple. Candles, if not supervised and handled with care, can start house fires and do so regularly.

This particular company has taken the sting out of worrying about house fires. None of their products is lit. No fire is present. They offer scented wax products that are safe and hazard free. It is because of this that their products are safe for every situation without having to worry about anything catching on fire.

It was this motivation, out of a concern for safety, that the company made the decision to offer something to the public as an alternative to the standard scented candle. Something that would be carefree and not be a flammable concern that might create an inferno, taking lives because someone forgot to put out the fire.

This company offers a great opportunity to start your own scentsational business by becoming a Scentsational Consultant. They are very confident about the future. It is a new company. This offers the opportunity for anyone wishing to start a home based business a niche to grow in. The marketplace is wide open for anyone willing to set goals and succeed.

As a Scentsational Consultant, you set your own hours, and decide for yourself the amount of time, determining the amount of money you can make with commissions. This company provides you with the training, tools, rewards and incentives, allowing you to earn as much money as you wish with Scentsy.

They offer commissions over 30% on personal sales and leadership bonuses of up to 9% on your downline structure from the distributors you can recruit under you.

To better understand this company’s compensation plan for Scentsational Consultants, you will need to go to the company’s website, or contact a Scentsy Consultant to discuss the company’s compensation plan in more detail.

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