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sports franchise values 2009

Four Wedding Favors That Proved to Be Fabulous Values This Fall and Winter 2009-10

If, as a bride, you’re more determined than Scarlett O’Hara to not blow money on a favor that isn’t practical, pretty and completely affordable this year, then rest assured — you have lots of company.

As a whole, brides don’t want to go without favors this year. But they also don’t want to overspend on them. The costs of catering and flowers are doing a fine-enough job of soaking up the budget, thank you very much!

So which favors have been winnowed in the fire of economic contraction, and the new bridal search for value? Sure, there are plenty of new offerings in the luxury and fantasy department, but four favor types stand out especially this year as a “People’s Choice” of value, packaging and overall “gotta have it”-ness.

– Bookmark Favors. America’s seeing a return to reading. Young people are simply consuming more books, and adults are delving into more heavyweight literature than we’ve seen in 20 years. Whether it’s the sheer comfort of curling up with a classic, or the fact that hefting a book is far cheaper than two tickets to the sports arena, we’re all rediscovering the joys of the printed word.

And having a beautiful bookmark on hand makes reading all the more appealing. Plus, no one has ever (deliberately) thrown away a bookmark, except perhaps a really frazzled maid. So why are bookmarks such a value pick? Because you’ll find them in copper and silvery leaves and snowflake shapes for less than $1.00, and that includes the gift packaging and the pretty tassel. These favors are perfect for fall and winter, as people spend more time cozied up in their homes.

– Ornament Favors. Christmas is, bar none, the most nostalgic time of year. (Some of us risk alienating our nearest and dearest by queuing up the carols before Halloween rolls around!) Brides who lean toward keepsakes find that ornaments fit the bill, being lasting and full of remembrance.

Those who cared enough to brave the roads or skies for your wedding will truly enjoy seeing your pretty bauble danging from a pine branch year after year. In the silvery and sparkly categories, these long-lasting favors will start around $2.00; if you want them personalized with your names & date, you can get them starting around $4.00. Not everyone will find a use for a miniature silver frame, but when it comes to ornaments, these favors truly are “forever.”

– Coffee Favors. Coffee is really grabbing the hearts of brides this year, and guests are on board with this, too. A luxury version involves tucking personalized coffee packs into themed mugs, maybe with a side of donuts, but just the foil packs alone pose an affordable thrill for the bride & groom, and a homey luxury for guests the next morning. Another popular coffee favor is the heart-shaped coffee scoops. Who doesn’t use a coffee scoop almost every day?

– Personalized Playing Card Favors. Here’s another nostalgic favorite that recalls childhood nights around the table, playing a breakneck game of monopoly or Crazy Eights. Personalized playing cards are awfully cute, but they also remind your guests of the pleasures of home. And one again, a night at the game table is far kinder to the pocketbook than one at the franchise grill and pool hall down the street.

Well, that about covers it. Now that you know which four wedding favor picks are topping the value charts this fall and winter, which one’s for you?

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