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Seattle Supersonics Tickets – Basketball Seattle Style!

Seattle SuperSonics tickets have always done brisk sales- not only are the Sonics former NBA champions, they are also the only professional sports franchise in Seattle to gain a championship win. The Sonics have currently marked themselves as contenders for a championship win in the near future.

The Seattle SuperSonics team is based in Seattle, Washington and is a part of the National Basketball Association’s northwest division and western conference. They play all their home games at the KeyArena and have one championship win, three conference titles and six division titles to their name.

Off With A Bang

The Sonics were officially born in 1967 and at its inception they probably had little knowledge that they would be NBA champions in just another ten years. But before that the Sonics had to find their footing. For a new team, the team did tolerably well, scoring some respectable wins at times while strugging at others. This of course was natural for a new NBA team and sales of Seattle SuperSonics tickets began to grow as fans came out to show their support.

The seventies however definitely belonged to the Sonics. The team made a number of important trades, mainly to tighten up its offensive line up. By 1977, the Sonics had a very strong back court tandem and key players Lonnie Shelton and John Johnson rounding out the winning team. Sales of Seattle SuperSonics tickets soared and many observers marked that if the team could hold together, there was no reason why the Sonics couldn’t pull of another big win next year.

The Slip

Unfortunately, that was the only championship win the team has been able to chalk up till date. By the eighties, it was becoming obvious that the Sonics were slipping. Despite good sales of Seattle SuperSonics tickets and a good fan base, performance began to decline and many felt that this was connected to the departure of Fred Brown, a key player of the team. From 1983 onwards, the Sonics were a decidedly mediocre team that seemed to have fallen into a rut that it couldn’t get out of.

The nineties initiated a period of change for the team. It was glaringly obvious that drafting changes were desperately needed to save the team’s game and sales of Seattle SuperSonics tickets. The team pulled into high gear, trading a number of players and bringing in a new head coach. It seemed like a positive move, since the team notched up an NBA record best in 1994 of 63-19. But in a bizarre twist of fate, the Sonics also get crushed by the Denver Nuggets right in the first round. It is generally agreed that the best Sonics roster till date is the 1995-1996 one. While there were no championship wins at that time, they certainly brought in conference and division wins.

Today, the Sonics are ready to bring the championship home once again. The team had some impressive games in 2005 and has improved its performance. If you haven’t already bought your game passes, you can do so online by getting in touch with an authorized online ticket vendor for Seattle SuperSonics tickets.

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