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Though businesses sometimes like to restrict themselves to certain geographic boundaries, the entrepreneurial spirit knows no borders. With the right kind of self-starting, hard-driven business owners living on both sides of the US/Canada border, there is no reason to neglect the franchise needs of either group. As such, here are some of the best possible business opportunities which are mostly US based, but are available to the business-savvy Canadian entrepreneur.

Oxford Learning Centers

A native Canadian business, Oxford has been one of the premier tutoring facilities in the nation for over two decades. The secret to their success is simply that they love teaching and learning. It begins with the relationship between franchisor and franchisee, in which, the franchisee is immediately given all the business and tutoring training he needs to build a successful business and educate children at an unrivalled level. That love of learning is then passed down to the staff and students, and it is continually refined by regular teaching seminars. If you have a knack for business, a love of education, and a heart for kids, there is no better franchise opportunity.

Padgett Business Services

If you have any kind of accounting experience and you have a deep desire to help propel small business owners into bigger and better success with their companies, this is the franchise for you. Ranked #1 in its category by Entrepreneur Magazine, this company has made an impressive name for itself as being more than capable of taking care of any and all financial needs for small businesses that may not be doing so well. For the Padgett Business Services owner, the best part of the deal is that wherever your personal financial know-how falters, further support for you and your client is never more than a phone call away. There is support for everyone involved.

Jackson’s All-American Sports Grill

A restaurant this good, despite its less than patriotic name, can turn a huge profit because it truly is the best sports grill around. The menu is both original and delicious, and the business is completely turn-key. Franchisees are given professional aid in every aspect of opening the restaurant. There are roughly 50 flat screen TVs in every franchise, and their ergonomic chairs are unlike anything you would find at the typical restaurant or bar; it is the place to watch the game, regardless of what that game is. It may be a franchise with a higher initial investment, but on game day, it all pays off.


If you’ve never heard of this home based business, you’re not alone. That is actually one of the benefits of purchasing a franchise from this company: it is a budding company in an untapped market, making a huge potential for growth. Whether selling to a local golf course or a private home owner who wants to redo the lawn, being the only synthetic turf installer in town is bound to pay off quickly.

INTERIORS by Decorating Den

Certainly a well known name in the interior design industry, this work from home franchise is perfect for the entrepreneur with an eye for colors and design. As a mobile franchise, overhead costs in this business are extraordinarily low. There is a huge selection of paint swatches, fabric samples, blinds, lighting, and other decorating needs provided to all franchisees by some of the most trusted names in the industry, and it is all kept for display in the back of the company vehicle. Meet clients in their home, show them what you have, and give them the hottest living room in the neighborhood, all at a fraction of the cost of a major design firm.

Snap-On Tools

For the franchisee who wants to sell the best product at the lowest overhead, this is definitely the way to go. Another mobile business, this retail franchise is the van that mechanics, shipyard crews, and homeowners all love to see pull up. Known for having some of the best tools available for a number of industries, Snap-On Tools is the name that people trust. And the franchisee can trust them too, because their business model keeps costs down by requiring that franchisees only keep sample products on hand and order whatever their clients want at the point of sale.


Even in the world of fast food franchises, few names are as widely recognized as Arby’s. Having already run for a solid 40 years, opening 3700 locations, there aren’t many businesses available with as strong an outlook for future success. The startup cost is higher than that of a mobile franchise, but the return in the long run is much higher, so for the right businessman, there is no better choice.

Wherever entrepreneurs live, there are franchise opportunities available. If you have that drive to succeed in business and Canada is your home, there are plenty of great businesses for you to choose, so take your pick.

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