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Economy Down? Invest in a Small Business Franchise Opportunity!

Right now might be a good time to think about investing in you.

“What, are you crazy? I don’t have any available funds right now to start a small franchise business!” you say. Consider this: If you have a 401k or IRA, your stocks are probably taking a beating in the market. Would you rather invest the money in your own franchise company as an entrepreneur and be the one in control rather than relying on the whims of the market?

A little known fact is that you can move either all or a portion your 401k or IRA into a self-directed 401k. This program is approved by the IRS and allows you to utilize funds from retirement accounts like IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, Keoghs, SEPs, etc., without incurring early distribution taxes or penalties!

What’s great is you can launch your franchise with minimal, if any, debt by utilizing this strategy.You can also use it as a down payment on an SBA loan to fund your venture!

I have used this program myself to fund a franchise business startup in the last year and I am glad I did based on the current market conditions. You may not want to risk your retirement, and I can appreciate that, but you have to weigh the risk and ask yourself if you have more faith in yourself or the market.

There are no guarantees, and no one answer is right for everyone, either way you just don’t want to live with regret.

If you want to learn more, check out my guide to Small Business Financing with Retirement Funds over at Franchise Chemistry.


Franchise Chemistry is dedicated to helping people find their match with franchise opportunities based on their strengths and interests. The concept was created by Jeff Brake, a franchise business coach. As a franchisee, he spent over the last 14 years being involved with three different franchise concepts, two successful, one not so much. Out of his failure was born a desire: To help people avoid making the same mistake he did – buying a business model that did not match his strengths and interests. There are plenty of assessments out there to help folks find a career best suited for them but none that address their unique fit with franchise opportunities… Until now.

Visit Franchise Chemistry today to find your perfect franchise opportunity match and begin your career as a successful franchise business entrepreneur! You can also ask a question or request more information.

About the Author

My 14 plus years in franchising included 13 franchised locations with 3 different franchise systems in 3 different industries. What I learned along the way is that you are most successful when you are doing something you love. After experiencing failure in a business that was not a good fit, I wanted to help other people avoid the same mistake. My desire is to help you find a business that is best suited for you.

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