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Top 5 Best Recession Proof Home Based Businesses

With the economy getting worse every day and the unemployment lines getting longer you might ask yourself if this could be a good time to start a home business? If you choose wisely a home based business can allow you to thrive financially and give you the flexibility that will allow you to spend more time at home with your family. The number one thing to remember when you are choosing a home based business is to follow your passion. If you provide a valuable service or a product that others will need and keep your overhead costs low, your business will thrive in a booming economy or in a recession. Here is the list of low start-up cost, top 5 best home based businesses to start during a recession.

1. At Home Daycare

Starting an at-home daycare is one of best low start-up cost home based businesses to start and is number one on our top 10 list. This business is very easy to set up but make sure to have enough contracts that you can stick with to make a decent profit. With daycare being so expensive now days, many working families prefer to use home day cares where there child will still get personal attention at more reasonable cost. Please check for local rules and regulations before you begin providing the services.

2. Dog Walking / Pet Sitting

Even through tough economic times, people keep spending on their pets. Starting a pet sitting business is a great way for people that love animals to make extra income. You can also offer dog walking service for people who are stuck at work all day. Check for local regulations before you begin and be sure to become bonded and insured.

3. Web Design

You don’t need to be extremely skilled to start a web design business from home. All you need is a good personal skills for selling to the businesses in your local area. Many of the businesses in your local area don’t even have a webpage but spend a lot of money on expensive and ineffective yellow page advertising. Learn how to sell your web design services and find out what kinds of sites business owners want. You can always outsource the technical work and still make a very good profit.

4. Freelance Writing

Many people make their extra income with freelance writing. Some even make a whole new career out of. There will always be many places where you’ll be able to sell your work, both offline and online. For offline writing jobs just pick up a copy of Writer’s Market. For work online, find people who need e-books, articles, and emails for their autoresponder. Offer your writing services to them at a competitive (but reasonable) price.

5. Accounting

Accounting isn’t a good fit for everyone, but if this is something that you enjoy consider becoming certified and offering your services to the public. You can either start your own company or buy an already existing franchise.

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