Quiznos Franchise Fee

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Do your Research Before you Buy

Although I get calls DAILY for information about Subway and Quiznos franchise purchases, I never recommend that type of franchise. In fact I try and persuade my clients away from this life altering decision. There are much betters ways of investing money, time, and work.

A sandwich shop (or ANY franchise) needs to be researched thoroughly BEFORE you buy one, and my job is to teach you how. Let’s do the numbers:

If a sandwich store earns $40,000 for the month:

7% royalty = $2,800

1% local advertising = $400

3% national advertising = $1,200

20% labor = $8,000

29% food = $11,600

3% paper = $1,200

.3% accounting / payroll = $ 300

10% rent / CAM = $4,000

2.75% insurance / misc. = 1,100

5% repay SBA loan = 2,000

4.5% misc. bills (utilities, etc) = $1,800

.5% spoilage = $200

1% supplies = $400

1% promo food = $400

1% comp food = $400

2.9% credit card fee = $1,160

.4% coupons = $160

.5 food waste = $200

IF a store earns $480,000 annually, the franchise owner can expect to walk away with a profit of 9.4%. That equals approximately $45,120. ( If you live in an area with cheaper rent), there will be a higher profit margin.

These figures are real. These figures are why I NEVER advise a sandwich shop as an investment. I ask my clients if they want to make $45,000 a year after investing all that money, and doing all that work. Some secretaries make more than that. You invest all that money, do all that work, and you make less than a secretary? There are MANY other franchises that cost MUCH less and make a MUCH larger R.I.O. (Return on your Investment) If you would like more information about better returns on your investments there are two great websites: www.masterfranchisingandareadeveloperopportunity.com

or www.franmartconnection.com

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