Professional Car Detailing Reviews

professional car detailing reviews

Car Dealers – Hunting For a Car

If you have a license, it is likely that you have spent at least a small portion of your life looking for your perfect car. You may even have spent that same small portion every single year, if you are the type of person who likes to replace their car as soon as possible, or you may have only have to take up your time once or twice in the entire time you have been driving.

Where once the car hunt was just a matter of popping down to the nearest car dealer and buying whatever was on offer, this isnt so much the case now. Instead, we all know a whole lot more and how much things should cost and how they should perform which although good, does mean that it takes us a lot longer to find our idea car at our ideal price.

If you want an example of a fairly typical hunt for a new car, then here is my blow by blow account.

It started with a load of research- which is, nowadays, pretty unavoidable. After all, so many new cars are coming out all the time that especially if you are buying in the new car market the boundaries and expectation put on a car are constantly changing. In much the same vein if you are buying used you will still need to do research so that you can assess the figures and facts unless you know everything there is to know about ever model that has ever existed!

We did our research largely online, although obviously we asked around friends and family too. Most of our research time was spent checking out various models that we liked the look of on professional and customer review sites. This let us build up a picture of which cars both looked good and performed well, so that we had a range of models to focus our search on.

The next stage of the search was online too actually looking for a few different cars. Obviously whenever we were out and about we kept our eyes peeled for any great deals, but generally most of the cars were found were over the internet. We used car supermarkets and independent dealer sites ot really take in as many options as possible a process that saved us time as we didnt have to trail around all the dealerships.

Once we had a shortlist, we rang up to check they were in stock and arranged to go have a look. Some of them were discounted immediately based on a dodgy online description or other noticeable flaw, but the remainder were then taken out for a test drive. This, and the price, was the deciding factor, as we simply wouldnt buy anything that didnt feel nice to drive no matter how glowing the reviews were! Those reviews did come in handy when knowing what flaws and common problems to look for, however!

At the end of this process, thankfully, we had actually found a car and we still have it now.

About the Author

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Car Dealers.

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