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Health Sanctuary bags No 1 position for practicing breakthrough Weight Management & Skin Care Procedures / Technologies

Proverbs tell us that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, what they don’t tell us is that the most critical of beholders is you yourself. With the most discerning of glances, we look in the mirror and nine times out of ten, don’t like what we see. Sometimes it’s just a small blemish or an unflattering pair of jeans, or the ever annoying “healthy” tag that can spoil the day. Then there are happier days when we’ve assured ourselves that the starvation has paid off and the jeans are just right.
True beauty lies in the belief, a belief in the self. Working towards that belief and creating Weight Management & beauty solutions, HEALTH SANCTUARY has been in the health care sector for more than a decade and has been the force behind lakhs of satisfied clientele that have gone forth with a renewed belief . HEALTH SANCTUARY®’s bouquet of services include Weight Management, Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatology / Skin Treatments, Oxygen Bar, Laser Hair Reduction (US FDA Approved), Ayurveda, De-Stress Techniques, Nutritional Services, Health Foods etc. It is also famous for introducing latest Weight Management technologies and out of the box techniques like GX99, Thermax, Ayurveda, Vaccuum Therapy, Torque & DH Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Thermo-magic, ThermoSculpting etc..

As per survey conducted by World Wide Polls Incorporation, Health Sanctuary was voted as the No 1 Regional Company that kept abreast with the latest Technologies and was the most innovative in its field of Weight Management and Skin Care.

After a successful presence in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and NCR, HEALTH SANCTUARY® is now fast expanding to newer markets, pan India. In addition to the metros, Health Sanctuary will be reaching out to the under-explored towns and tier II cities as well leveraging on the Franchise route. Several Company owned and Franchise Centres are already in the pipeline and the first phase target of reaching a tally of 50 HEALTH SANCTUARY® owned / exclusive brand franchisee Centers by 2010-11 is within reach. “At the same time, our drive for new products and services innovation will continue apart from adding new greener technologies that are proven safe and are as per international standards,” ensures Ms Shirin, the US based Director, Health Sanctuary.

The Company is run by professionals and is headed by Ms Shubi Husain, a widely acclaimed Nutritionist, Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur. For demos of Health Sanctuary’s concept, and to have a free counseling session on services that Health Sanctuary specialises in, please contact HS Nutritionist / Counsellor at +91 9873298033

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