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Brett Favre Given Deadline for Vikings Decision.

Brett Favre has only 2 weeks to decide whether or not to animate his NFL career.

Darrell Bevell, The Vikings Offensive Coordinator, has put Favre through a stringent passing session last week and reportedly liked what he saw.

NFL Football Picks says that, “to play for the Vikes this season following arthroscopic shoulder surgery, Brett Favre has been demure on whether he’ll be equipping in time.”

On July 29, Minnesota goes into mini-camp and sources claimed that Favre must give the franchise his decision before then.

The Minnesota Vikings have long been rumored to be interested in signing the 39-year-old gun slinger and it seems the moment of truth is not far away.

The decision is likely to be right on the July 29 deadline, with Favre hesitant to commit until he’s 100% certain his body can handle the strain of another grueling season.

In 2007, after retiring from the Packers, Brett Favre decided to come back and signed a deal with the New York Jets.

This year, in April, Favre then retired for the 2nd time after the Jets decided they would not extend his 1 year contract.

Last year, Favre’s season with the Jets started well; in week four he threw six touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals, a personal best and one fewer than the NFL record. By week 12, the Jets had compiled an 8-3 record, including a win over the previously undefeated Tennessee Titans.

However, the Jets lost four out of the last five games of the season including the final game against the Miami Dolphins, who had acquired Chad Pennington after he was released from the Jets to make room for Favre.

In a recent interview, the NFL’s all-time leader in touchdowns, receptions and receiving yards, Jerry Rice didn’t show a lot of confidence in Favre. Rice said the stress of a 16-game season might be too much for a 39-year-old.

“Brett is a competitor. But I know towards the latter part of my career, even though I still wanted to be out on that football field, it was like things became a little bit more difficult,” Rice told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

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