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An Alliance Worth Investigating


Imagine if the Yankees and Red Sox merged to form one super team? The competition wouldn’t stand a chance. A similar scenario is developing with L&W Investigations New York and New England offices. Sure, they’ve always been on the same side. Yet a recent agreement by the two regions to pool resources on business development opportunities, gives L&W coverage of the northeast that no other private investigations firms can match.

Starting in 2008, the New York region, consisting of the New York and New Jersey offices, and the New England region, consisting of offices in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, will partner on business development proposals. The agreement mirrors a similar arrangement L&W’s Florida and Georgia offices share and falls right in line with L&W Investigations, Inc.’s commitment to providing service to local clients but with regional, even national capabilities.

“While New York and New England may not always play nice in sports, this new arrangement benefits us both. It will help us maximize our business development capabilities and enable us to work together to make new contacts and develop better working relations with our current clients,” said Donna Thiele, owner of L&W’s New York office.

L&W works with a variety of organizations– insurance companies, third-party administrators, self-insured companies, law firms and municipalities—on fraudulent workers compensation, disability, liability, auto and property claims. L&W’s offerings include:

? Surveillance

? Statements

? Activity/Disability Checks

? Asset/background investigations

? Medical audits/clinic inspections

With 35 locations nationwide in 23 states, the five-year-old company typically employs three to eight investigators at each office. While many traditional “mom and pop” investigative firms are typically a haven for retired law enforcement officers who treat the job more like a hobby, L&W employs seasoned investigators who specialize in investigating insurance fraud cases. All L&W investigators go through extensive training and have access to the most state-of-the-art surveillance equipment.

“L&W franchise owners truly buy into the philosophy that our individual franchises are stronger when we work together with other L&W offices. This arrangement between the New York and New England offices is a good example of that,” said Neal Lyons, CEO and chairman of L&W Investigations, Inc. “It’s an incredible advantage to be working on a case in Massachusetts that requires surveillance or some other kind work in New Jersey and you have at your finger tips a local company familiar with the landscape. It not only gives your clients better service and results but also keeps their costs down. And there’s not a client out there today who doesn’t want that.”

For more information on L&W Investigations, Inc, you can call their corporate offices at (508) 616-9370 or visit the Web site at

Not your everyday investigations firm

With 35 offices in 23 states, L&W Investigations, Inc. specializes in fraudulent insurance claims. In addition to nationwide coverage, L&W investigators are highly trained specialists equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance technologies and other advanced systems to provide second-to-none results and service. That includes online case status reports, video delivery by digital download or CD, DVD or VHS tape, rush services at no extra charge and much more.

Current offices are located in Arizona (Phoenix); California (Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura) Colorado (Boulder); Florida (Miami, Ocala, Orlando, Tampa); Georgia (Atlanta); Hawaii (Honolulu); Idaho (Boise); Illinois (Chicago); Kentucky (Louisville); Maine (Portland); Massachusetts (Boston); Minnesota (Minneapolis); Missouri (St. Louis); Montana, (Missoula); New Hampshire (Nashua); New Jersey (New Brunswick); New Mexico (Albuquerque); New York, (Long Island); North Carolina (Charlotte, Raleigh); Oregon (Portland); Pennsylvania (Philadelphia); Rhode Island (Providence); South Carolina (Charleston); Tennessee (Nashville, Memphis); Texas (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas); Utah (St. Lake City); Vermont (Burlington); Virginia (Arlington); Washington (Seattle, Spokane); Wisconsin (Madison; as well as Puerto Rico (San Juan) and the Caribbean islands; and Canada (Toronto).

Franchise locations are still available and the company has set a manageable growth plan at 15 new units per year.

For additional information, visit the Web site at or contact L&W’s corporate headquarters located in Westboro, Massachusetts, at (508) 616-9370.

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