National Franchise Convention 2010

national franchise convention 2010

Seed enterprises "through the ladder, climbing stairs," Nanjing kind of industry into the country's first phalanx

“Red Sun” kind of industry in a carton (10 kg) of cotton seed, higher than the selling price of a color TV; “tomorrow” kind of industry to spend 10 million yuan, “astronomical”, bought second-generation Chinese Rice Research Institute Super Rice “National Rice 6” franchise?? in Nanjing seed industry entrepreneurs who have a one point “kind of” Gold’s story is interpreted. Yesterday, reporter learned from the Nanjing Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry, is working to develop seed industry in Nanjing, “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” will be clear, by 2010, the scale of the Nanjing seed industry before the five to enter the country, become a real kind of sin city.

Third in R & D

“Last year sales of just billions of dollars, is expected to reach 150 million yuan this year.” Species in Nanjing Red Sun Co., Ltd. interview, a company official told reporters that the rapid development of enterprises, with a strong agricultural R & D in Nanjing capacity.

“Cotton, fruits, Nanjing ratio, but Xinjiang; species of wheat, but more than Henan and Shandong; grow soybeans, corn, than the Northeast, however; kinds of rice, but more than Jiangxi and Hunan.” Nanjing Agricultural University, a professor of occupational Sheng believes that scale cultivation of agricultural products, there is no advantage in Nanjing in China, but Nanjing Agricultural Comparative Advantage and the core competitiveness lies in: Nanjing has a strong R & D capabilities.


It is understood that the Southern Agricultural University, the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, South Great, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Soil Research Institute and a number of prestigious names, almost every family has the international and domestic leading “specialty skills”, in cotton, rice, wheat, vegetable and flower seedling breeding technology to master the key core intellectual property. Right now, Nanjing Agricultural R & D capability in China after Beijing, Shanghai, ranked third in the country.

Seed enterprises “through the ladder, climbing stairs”


And research institutes in Nanjing climbing boasting “,” funding to buy the latest scientific research, and results from lab to market quickly it became a leader in the domestic seed enterprises in Nanjing counterparts a big “magic.”

“Red Sun” flagship product “Nankang 3” is the Nanjing Agricultural University scientists bred with independent intellectual property rights of transgenic hybrid cotton, the Bt gene has been obtained the national patent protection. “Southern Anti-3” with high yield, high quality, insect resistance and other advantages, as the Ministry of Agriculture focused on promoting the high-yield varieties of insect-resistant hybrid cotton, into Xinjiang, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, a major cotton producing province.

Relying on powerful R & D Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jiangsu tomorrow Seed Technology Co., Ltd. spent nearly three years, 20 million yuan, has bought a hybrid rice ” 084″ hybrid rice “86 You 8”, conventional japonica “rice Xu 4 “, new varieties of wheat,” Su Xu 2, “and other varieties of the franchise, which pushed the company the main varieties of hybrid rice” 084 “in September 2003 in Yongsheng County, Yunnan Province, ultra-high yield, output per mu over 1231.17 kg, created the world rice yield record. This year to spend 5 million yuan from the provincial Academy of purchase ” 084″, has become the walking advertisement for the annual return of more than 2,000 yuan. The results of the pursuit of new business is not limited to Nanjing. July 3 this year, “tomorrow” kind of industry and headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Rice signed a “high price” contract?? Invested 10 million yuan to buy is developing the “National Rice 6” franchise, setting a single species of domestic transfer of management rights record.

While the introduction of scientific research institutions, enterprises own R & D capability has also been developed rapidly. “Tomorrow” kind of industry more than 80 employees engaged in R & D has more than 20 people, the company has independent intellectual property right hand up to 40 varieties.

Build R & D Center of East China seed industry

Kind of industry experts, city Deputy Director of Agriculture and Forestry Bureau of Science and Technology is responsible for drafting the Nanjing Zhou Lili “Eleventh Five-Year” kind of industry development plan. She introduced last year have focused on seed enterprises in Nanjing 46, more than 100 types of business sites, seed with annual sales of more than 10 billion, of which over 100 million yuan for “tomorrow”, “Red Sun”, “Greater China” and ” in the River “and four. “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, with new research and development as the core focus on large enterprises to foster and encourage more seed companies and large complex by the “marriage”, create more brands with independent intellectual property rights of seed to form a sales 500 million or even more than one billion yuan “Seed carrier ‘4 to 5, to 201O, the Nanjing seed industry scale up to 30 to 4,000,000,000 yuan, a research and development center in East China seed industry, seed industry market and the largest distributing center.
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