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How to choose the best car wax?

How to choose the best rated car wax? Well – it’s simple and it’s not simple. First of all you should prepare yourself to spend some time to figure out which one should you buy. Do online research.

Each wax’s formula is different, so your journey of finding the right car wax can be extensive and somewhat confusing.  But don’t panic – you are in the right hands, we’ll try to give you best advise possible.

The common question that people as is – how long does the wax last? Well, it depends:

  • Which car wax did you choose? Is this a Carnauba wax or wax with Synthetic chemicals?
  • Do you properly wash and clean your car?
  • Do you use auto detailing products?
  • What kind of wash do you use? Do you wash by hand or use a paid auto wash?
  • Where do you park your car each day?
  • What kind of roads do you use? Are salt or other chemicals being used in winter?

You should definitely choose Natural Carnauba wax, do not buy Synthetic one. It might be cheaper, but don’t be fooled by that! The finish and shine of your car with Natural Carnauba wax will last longer. Carnauba offers protection from dirt, UV rays. It also protects your car’s paint from scratches.

Carnauba is the main ingredient that can be found in most waxes. Pure Carnauba wax is hard as brick, so if you’ll see a 100% Carnauba wax it’s not true.

So, here we are – auto waxing tips:

If you cover your car, if you avoid direct sunlight on the parking lot, if you do not drive in winter – you can wax your car 1-2 times a year. But reality is that you can’t always park your car in the shade, you can’t drive without salt on the roads and you can’t always do manual wash. Good advice that can be given is AT LEAST wax your car 6-8 times a year. Best advise – after each car wash.

Carnauba wax or polish is a bit expensive but it’s worth it. Most companies guarantee that their wax will last for about 4 months. But as mentioned before it’s for garage kept conditions.

The conclusion:

  • Use natural Carnauba auto waxes as they last longer and better protect your car
  • Wash your car properly using auto detailing products – like auto was soap, Cloth Towels and so on.
  • Wash your vehicle twice if it’s necessary. Let it dry before applying a car wax
  • Avoid direct sunlight and hot days when waxing. Park your vehicle in the shade
  • Apply a car wax each 2 months at least.

Follow our guide How To Give Professional Car Wax to get best results. Remember – even the Best Rated Car Wax can be washed off within a few days if you do not aware how to take care of your car’s finish. The goal is not just to make single superb mirror finish but to also maintain it.

There are a lot of different brands on the market nowadays. Most experts and car magazines recommend using Black Magic and Turtle Wax products. Yes, it’s true – but you always should check on your own. There are a lot a great brands out there so don’t think that Turtle wax is the only choice. “Buy car wax” recommends – stick to nonabrasive waxes for best results. Mothers, Meguiar’s, Zymol, Surf City, Pinnacle and especially a Dodo Juice are great Carnauba waxes as well!

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Buy Car Wax has different auto waxes for sale – you can choose from Black Car Wax, White Car Wax, Blue Car Wax, Colored Car Wax, Liquid Car Wax, Spray Car Wax, Paste Car Wax and so on. For the proper maintenance of your vehicle you should never compromise with the quality of the car wax. Check out our guides How To Give Professional Car Wax and Best Rated Car Wax as well

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