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You’re on the right path for a successful start running your own business. You know this because franchise businesses have a higher success rate than independently started business and you chose to open a franchise. Even though that is true, you will still have to make decisions as a business owner that will affect the successfulness of your franchises future! Once you have made the decision on which franchise you will start, you will need to decide where to open that franchise. This will not be the first or last time you will have heard this but, location is everything! Your automotive franchise should be location near car dealerships and high traffic streets or should be seen from a major highway to increase your chances of success!

Choosing where to open your franchise will still be a creative process! You want your business to be in the best location that it will thrive the best in. There are a few other things to consider in this decision.

The first thing you should do is ask your franchisor for advice. The reason that franchises are successful is because they are already maintaining several locations with successful procedures in place. So they should be able to assist with ideas for where to open your franchise since they have most likely already opened a few. However it is your business and you will want to consider other factors as well. Keep in mind that they may have regulation for your franchising location that you will need to adhere to as well.

One thing to consider is the locations visibility. If you can’t see the business from the road how will they even know that it is there. If the view to your location is obstructed by trees, other buildings or is in a bad angle from the road in a plaza this can decrease your sales since people may simply not know you are there.

Accessibility is another factor to take into consideration .How easy will it be for customers to get to your door? Things to look at are traffic flows and lights. You would like to be in a busy place since more people will become familiar with your business however if there are no traffic lights to help people get to and from your business they may be discouraged from even going in the first place.

Chances are you are going to be located near other businesses. You should use your creative thought process to choose a location that is near businesses that could possible bring you more business. For example, you could open an auto body shop near an insurance office. If you could establish a good reputation with the insurance company they could recommend that their customers chose you to handle their car’s problems.
A little competition is good, but be careful. You will need to know what you are going up against. If you so chose to open a pizza shop across from another pizzeria that has been there for years and the town claims it as the #1 restaurant in the area, it might be a little too much to compete with.

Make sure the area is favorable to what you are trying to sell or do. If there is no need for your business it will not succeed.

Choosing where to establish your franchise will be a big decision and will take much thought, but remember these practical guidelines and do your research before you make your final decision!

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