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mobile car detailing vancouver

If you look around, you will find that more and more people are making their living online. Every single day I get emails about one opportunity or another. Many of the opportunities have to do with health and fitness, dieting, losing fat, fat loss schemes, or cures for pretty much anything you can think of.

Over the years I have been involved in a few business ventures. It is hard not to get caught up in the hype and ‘shock and awe’ of a new product. But in the end, most ventures depend on one thing – your ability to motivate your friends and relatives. Anyone who’s been there is nodding their heads in agreement right now. Some people call it the N.F.L. (No Friends Left) club!

Some companies even structure their campaigns around the average demographics related to the number of friends you have. They know that if they can sell you, then they have a good shot at 6 of your closest friend and relatives. After you’ve burned them out, they expect you to go dormant.

Modern opportunities, though, are offering a new model. They don’t demand you join an MLM organization. They simply allow you to be ‘affiliated’ with their product. If you try the product, and like it, then it is very likely you will brag about it and how good it is. Why shouldn’t you be compensated for that free advertising?

Good companies will not demand contracts or monthly auto-shipments. They will simply make the product available to you at the lowest possible price. When you refer it, you will get discounts on future purchases or a percentage of the sale as a commission.

Good companies will give you a steady revenue stream on all repeat sales as well. You are powerful. You must realize that. If you and your tribe like the product and enjoy it’s health benefits, then why shouldn’t you make a few hundred to a thousand dollars a month for referring it? The company would never have had those sales otherwise!

Beware of anyone trying to get into your wallet as the prime objective. If they don’t demonstrate the benefits of their product first, and describe how you can be healthier and increase your bottom line at the same time, then they aren’t worth looking at. Walk away. Do your diligence and find the companies that support you and want you to do well. In the long run, everyone wins.

Nick Walsh is a professional researcher and information technology analyst with 30 years experience in alternative health care, strategic information technology, and entrepreneurial development. Nick maintains several blogs on alternative health care, anti-aging, green energy systems, technology, and internet marketing in general. Nick has been a successful internet marketer since 1996. Consistently reviewing the internet marketing industry, Nick is always up to date with the latest successful internet marketing tools and resources. Nick works from his home in Vancouver, BC.

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