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7-Eleven And Ministop

When it comes to
philippine groceries
and convenient stores, two names are always in in the forefront. The ever so popular 7-Eleven and the newly introduced Ministop. 7-Eleven has been serving the Filipino people for years until Ministop was introduced into the Philippine market later on. The question now is, which of these are the best? 7-Eleven or Ministop? Before we’ll known about which is the best, let’s first look at the history behind these
philippine groceries
and convenient stores.
7-Eleven is a worldwide chain of convenience stores. It is, since March 2007, the largest chain store in any category, beating McDonald’s by 1,000 stores. Its stores are located in eighteen countries, with its largest markets being Japan, the United States, Canada, Taiwan, and Thailand. 7-Eleven is a subsidiary of Seven & I Holdings Co. of Japan. Among 7-Eleven’s offerings are private label products, including Slurpee, a partially frozen beverage introduced in 1967, and the Big Gulp introduced in 1980 that packaged soft drinks in large cups ranging in size from 590 ml to 1.8 L (20 to 64 fluid ounces). In the Philippines, 7-Eleven
philippine grocery
and convenient store is run by the Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC). Its first store opened in 1984. In 2000, President Chain Store Corporation (PCSC) of Taiwan, also a licensee of 7-Eleven, bought the majority shares of PSC and thus formed a strategic alliance for the convenience store industry within the area.
Ministop Co., Ltd., a member of ÆON Group, operates the Ministop convenience store franchise chain in Japan. The usual Japanese convenience store goods are available, such as magazines, manga, soft drinks, contraceptives, onigiri and bento; services include bill payment, photocopying, ticket purchase for events and ATM access. Ministop also has its own unique brand of fast food. The menu varies according to season and periodical promotions. A typical selection might include hot dogs, sandwiches, frozen desserts, soft serve ice cream, and
— Chinese-style buns with various fillings (or
in the Philippines). Ministop also operates in South Korea and the Philippines.
Though both convenient stores provide the same service, which is mainly convenience, their popularity differs from each other. 7-Eleven, with its years worth of unrelenting service and number of branches across the country, is clearly known for its popularity and success in the market compared with Ministop in the Philippines. But even though Ministop has just been recently introduced in Philippine market, its success is slowly escalating along with its number across the country. Maybe several years from now, Ministop can be as success as 7-Eleven when it comes to provide the best service for the Filipino people.Visit the website
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