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Plug Into Green Profits: A Proven Online Home Business Franchise

The vast majority of people venturing out online in search of home business success will
fail.  Why?  Because you usually have people who have zero business related skills in sales,
marketing and the get-rich-quick mentality. The respected marketing experts at Plug Into
Green Profits have set out to turn failure into success with their newly-launched Plug Into
Green Profits turn-key home business type franchise.

Plug Into Green Profits can take care of all a new entrepreneurs marketing, sales calls, and
training, providing a full-service company that handles much of the day-to-day needs of the
home business newbie.  It also taps into an ever growing market—the home based business
market—giving new entrepreneurs the ability to make money selling what everyone wants these days.  Time freedom, no debt and control of their financial futures.

Most people aren’t born salesmen, aren’t marketing experts, and don’t know near enough about computers and the Internet to truly be successful when first starting out.  That’s where Plug Into Green Profits comes in, with its experienced professionals who can help new online
entrepreneurs find success.

“Plug Into Green Profits uses a proven, simple marketing system that anyone can be successful using…just like a traditional offline McDonalds franchise would” Chad Rissanen states.

“It’s a system that does all the marketing, selling, and explaining for the new business owner.”Basically, the system allows the home business owner to outsource the most difficult and tedious aspects of their business. Quite simply, it’s the best and most affordable marketing system ever created for the home-based business industry, Chad says.

The system generates leads, qualifies them for you, makes the sale, and even trains future
business partners all on complete auto-pilot.  Using Plug Into Green Profits, those new to
marketing can often have the same results as marketing veterans.

For more information, go to: and watch a free, 20-minute video
detailing this unique online home business franchise & marketing system.

About the Author

Harold Kurt is an independent consultant living in Portland, OR.

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