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1: EA Madden NFL 10

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Customer Review:

This is a good game to play NFL football. If you’ve never played Madden before, then you know how to play. This game is great improvement for about five years. The graphics are OK, the players seem very good, but could you please update the Madden fans think? Sometimes you see fans that have been made for 32-bit system. In addition, the grass looks a lot better. Except for graphics, I have no major complaints, except for repeat advertisers. I would give this game a 7.5 to 10 results


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Really good game play and graphics. You’re having hell of a lot of fun when playing football with this game. Definetly buy this game.

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NFL Madden 10

I have play that game it amazing game and fun when play vs with other peoples through online and make your own team through games..

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Incoplete tutorial but still fun, competitive

Well comming from a madden tourny player. I will say that this years madden tried alot of new things but for some reason they forgot to give a complete user manual lol. They changed the auidible system by taking away the buttons to let u know which auidible it is. Only way you will know which button ur audibles are assigned to is to practice. Another thing i noticed is that the controler config menu is incomplete. X on ps3 for example is the tackle assist or sure tackle button. In the congig menu it is “unused”. The only way I knew this was from once again praticing and it is labled on the NCAA game as “tackle assist”. Oh and another incomplete tutorial that EA forgot to tell everyone. The juke “right stick” now does just a jab step similar to older maddens that had 2 juke buttons L1, R1 and the right analog stick. So the “juke” people are looking for is actually done by letting go of the sprint button (R2) and quickly moving the left analog stick to one side or another. Hope this helps non tourny players and haters/newbs get better

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xmas present for grandson

I ordered this right before Xmas and was worried I wouldn’t receive it on time. I got it in plenty of time and my grandson who is 9 was estatic when he opened it. I would definitely order from them again. He loves the game!!

Low PriceMadden NFL 10

Feels like football

I haven’t been impressed or bought madden football since 2005, and I am quite picky. I’ve played 06-09 and was not impressed at all and the game just didn’t have that football feel to it. I would give this game about 4 1/2 stars, but you can’t and considering I find this game very enjoyable and close to being incredible…it gets 5 stars. 

First, most of my gameplay consists of franchise mode against the computer. I don’t really play online so my opinion isn’t based on that. The game is pass-happy, but that for the most part is the way the NFL is now because of the rule changes and such. Once you get comfortable playing this game the most important thing is to adjust your settings to where the game is realistic. You will soon find out that your defensive backs don’t cover well at all and you get minimal to no pass rush. QB accuracy is way to high on the default levels. Once you lower your QB accuracy, the cpu’s QB accuracy, and help give yourself a pass rush the game is very realistic. You will also have to lower the interceptions also because there will be too much. FYI…when you get to the user’s settings you will only see 4 areas where you can adjust your settings. It will not appear that you can adjust pass rush, interceptions, etc., but just click the X button on them and it opens up a new window. I don’t know why they did this, but it took me about a month to figure it out that I needed to do this. 

Even playing the game 6 months later I am amazed at all the different tackles, catches, and movement of the players. The graphics are really good. On the negative side, some of the cut shots tend to get repetitive and like most games the announcers get boring (just listen to music when you play or something). The receivers don’t do a great job of trying to get their feet in bounds when near the sideline, but you get used to this, and just plan on not throwing the ball to them on out patterns when they are near the sideline. I turned off fight for the fumble because it seemed like I never won and was sick of hammering on the joystick to recover a fumble. The other strange thing I’ve noticed is that the cpu’s running backs are averaging around 7 yards a carry in my franchise seasons. My running backs average between 3.6 and 4.9 yards/carry. So you’ll see guys with 200 carries already well over 1,000 yards. They have definitely downgraded the franchise mode from 2005, but it isn’t a big loss for me. You can still draft players, sign players, cut players, set depth chart, and do the general functions of an organization. I had played NCAA football 09 and thought the recruiting in that game was way to much and took time away from actually playing the game. So with Madden 10 I’m glad I’m not wasting my time overanalyzing potential draft picks and worried about how many hot dogs my stadium sells. 

The key to this game is really getting your settings correct, because the game is enjoyable. It really feels like football and when I’m playing my franchise games I feel involved and into the game. I don’t play the superstar mode basically because I find it boring after about an hour and have no interest in going back and playing it. I like playing on 15 minutes with a 20 second accelerated clock. The game takes anywhere from 50 mintues to 1 hr 15 minutes with those settings. You get close to a realistic amount of plays. If you’ve been disappointed with the last few years of madden this is definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully they can continue from this point and just fix a few little things. Overall though, this game is worth it and very well balanced.

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Hit with Hubby

Bought Madden 10 for Husband for Christmas. Was a HIT! Ordered only days before Christmas and received in record time.

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My boyfriend loved it!

I bought this game for my boyfriend for Christmas. He obviously loved it and would not stop playing it. I can’t really say much on the game because I’ve never played it and I don’t really play video games, but from a guy’s perspective – it’s worth it. I bought it online because it was the lowest price around, so it was a great bargain.

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Needs Improvements

Im Satisfied with john madden 2010,But However I Have to agree with a lot of the critism that was Brought up about it in other reviews.It took me a while to catch onto how to get some speed out of the game,You have to use the R2 button to get some speed out of the ballcarrier,or QB Scrambling.You really have to be on your toes and fast at playing this game.You have to make sure your receiver is definately open before throwing to him,Other wise youll get alot of interceptions,If your not carefull.Yah I think sony or ea sports should make it easier for pass completions with might have to adjust the skill level if you find it to difficult to score touchdowns.I played the patriots@colts and for some reason the colts receivers caught the ball at will,But when I went to run the patriots offence I Had to press the triangle button for the receiver to catch the ball…Good luck & Thanx..

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Everything I expected the game to be. 
Keep in mind there is a learning curve. Take time to practice before you become to frustrated with the extensive controls. Some of the best AI of any game I’ve ever experienced.

Madden NFL 10sale

Fun yet challenging!

I am speaking on behalf of my husband as it is he who plays the game. He says the game is a lot of fun yet challenging at the same time. It isn’t one of those games that you are going to get sick of because it’s so easy to beat! 

From my stand point – the graphics are phenomenal. Watching him play is like watching a live NFL game. 

This game gets two thumbs up!

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