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Madden NFL 10 – Review

One of the jewels of the crown, in addition to EA Sports FIFA, Madden, and this year (billing, aptly named Madden NFL 10) the date of the ambitious. Full of new features, EA Sports is not certain that the ends of the franchise and a deeper look at what is being proposed has led to quite unexpected results.

So, what you may be able to improve an already successful franchise than it was before. EA Sports has for many years, the vision to try to ensure that players are “in play” and started as a marketing strategy, which leads you to do this, the experience a step closer to reality can be maintained. Football is all about great games, and thrilling experience, both on the field, but also for the viewers at home. But in Madden 10, players can experience the first point of the television show Extra EA-style coverage with Fran Charles and Alex Flanagen NFL Network.

Extra-converts everything to bring the games great, great action and evaluation of the championship, during and after the big game. Realism, and this is presented with a very well done. Even if you did your game in some key moments, like when you have to pay a wide receiver, he had not yet issued, then comes into play a totally cool replay, with commentators point to the players during the game and taking into account where they went. It ‘really into TV-style, I said, and is another step in the meantime with the real actors in the network NFL play its role as host of the television studio and explain all the news from around the league, including parts and defining moments of the game.

Since we are in terms of presentation, Madden 10’s some great gameplay footage in-game life and the exhibition that celebrates the players, when they celebrate a sack or make that 50 yard drive that he managed a touchdown. The review of the whole experience is something I love all the fans of the franchise. We hope that EA will have what they were doing in this presentation and make them play other sports, as she congratulated all the experience in the game.

Unable to perform Translation:As for game modes, Madden 10 is all that is expected to play under the “now” mode, with all the NFL teams, becoming a superstar and the management arrangements in franchising – These football players something to love , encourage the teeth to give in. be a Superstar mode is exactly that and this is to offer the same last year. But is the franchise mode, where the hardcore fans will lead the NFL, and will not disappoint, as they have everything you want – and both thought and full of statistics, the only problem is that access to this level of detail, rather than deep menus can be tedious, a control console, but it’s worth at the end. This year, the addition of online voting is that everything is coach of vision, an opportunity not only their minds against each other in individual matches mine, but try to win the championship, which will be managed in line – again, under the Madden – franchise players in another direction, and is committed to interact with more than any other in a league online.

Pro-Tak said that the action may feel more confident quarterback in his pocket
Pro-Tak said that the action may feel more confident quarterback in his pocket
Unable to perform Translation:invalid result dataOverall, Madden NFL 10 is a very fun game, with the whole experience feels solid and is by far the best game in the franchise to date. But the need for extra money to spend on the options of content leaves a strange feeling of “what if”. While understanding that seems to be the online space in server mode and requires admin backstage Thurs late – the content of others, such as money spinner at the beginning of the game price tag.

When EA Sports has tried to ensure that players are “in play” and then certainly succeeded with Madden NFL 10, whether it is a taste of what happens I’m not waiting to see what we get for next year – the extra content or not .

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