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Love Kids? a Childrenâ??s Franchise May be for You!

Do you consider yourself a “kid person” whether or not you are a parent? Would you like the idea of a business opportunity or franchise business that involves a product or service that is fun, exciting, and beneficial for young ones? Then take a look at the countless small businesses and home business franchises for sale that provide kid-centered products and services.

Two very well known children’s franchises are The Sylvan Learning Center and The Little Gym. The Little Gym has been around for 30 years and provides thousands of children with a kid-friendly gym environment in which to play and develop their motor skills. There is dancing, singing, running, swinging, jumping, flipping, somersaulting, shouting, and all other sorts of fun and chaos in a Little Gym. It is ranked #1 in children’s motor-skill developing franchises and can be found in 17 countries including over 230 in the U.S. The Little Gym is committed to both its franchise owners and the children in local communities; they provide each franchise owner with a personal business consultant, a library of operations and training manuals, and continued education programs.

The Sylvan Learning Center is not unlike The Little Gym. It has been franchising for over 28 years and has over 900 franchised centers. From their TV commercials you probably know that they provide K-12 students with instructional services in centers, online, and in homes. The brand itself is what makes it so successful; there are few who haven’t heard of it so many people turn to it rather than its competitors to tutor and assist their children in subjects they struggle with in school. If you are a leader in your community, enjoy working with children, and want to make a difference in the lives of both children and parents in your community, a Sylvan Learning Center franchise could be right for you.

There, obviously, are less known franchise opportunities in which you can work with kids. Pigtails & Crewcuts Children’s Salon is a franchise that provides a child-friendly environment for haircuts. So often kids are intimidated by adults’ salons and don’t want to get their haircut as a result; thus, parents have to fight their kids just so the children can avoid the “Cousin It look”. Pigtails & Crewcuts Salons make haircuts fun as they provide both kids and parents a good solution to a common problem. The salons also sell private label hair and body products, offer girls’ hairstyling for formal occasions, and host girls’ birthday parties. This business opportunity is most likely especially appealing for mothers of girls and hairstylists who have a knack for cutting kids’ hair while making them feel comfortable.

Nanny Poppinz is what you might expect it to be from the name. A nanny service that allows busy dual-income households to find the proper person to help care for and teach their children while providing the assurance that the nanny will be professionally trained and screened to provide maximum safety for their children. In a society where trying to find a “baby sitter” can become scary and sometimes downright impossible, having access to a database of certified and pre-screened professional nannies is a service that many families are searching for every day. As a Nanny Poppinz franchise owner you can provide your clients with the peace of mind of knowing that if they can’t be there for every moment of their children’s day at least someone with the safety and well being of their children can be.

Virtuoso Music is a franchise opportunity that combines the passion for children and teaching with the knack and appreciation of musical arts. The Virtuoso franchise providers offer music instruction and other music related products inside of customers homes, schools and other locations; in addition to coordinating musical bookings, recitals, festivals, community events, and performances. The beauty of this franchise that specifically helps children learn the musical world is that it can be run from home allowing the franchise owner the opportunity to stay close to his or her own family and home needs.

Another fun opportunity in the children’s franchise arena is Bounce U. Bounce U provides a party environment where children and parents can come to an indoor inflatable arena and take part in a large variety of activities involving giant inflatable structures. The “bounce house” is becoming a staple of the modern party and event and children of all ages love to participate in the fun of an inflatable environment. The Bounce U franchise owner can also offer open “free bounce” sessions outside of the booking and party environment to increase their revenue flow.

All of these franchises offer the freedom of owning your own business and the potential to have a successful and profitable business while capitalizing on the passion of franchise owners who love children and are concerned with their well being. Children are the motivators of a huge market, and they are also deserving of the attention of franchise business owners.

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