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In 1950, William Rosenberg opened the first Dunkin’ Donuts local specialized on coffee and pastry products, and in 1955 his business expanded in franchising system. Today, Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world, with 3 million consumers served every day.

There are over 7.000 Dunkin’ Donuts locations worldwide, from which 5.300 in U.S.A., where are 52 types of donuts, and is the leading retailer of coffee, donuts and bagels. William Rosenberg, the founder of the company Dunkin’ Donuts and, concomitantly, the president of the International Franchising Association, shares his philosophy and principle, that are valid today as they were almost 60 years ago, when he formed one of the most famous franchising business in the world.

“I was asked many times how did i get to make these business that is well known all over the world. To synthesize, i think the answer stay`s in the 10 principles i always guided myself:

1. You seek out the best people.
2. You compensate them the best.
3. You share your profits and equity with them.
4. You treat them with respect.
5. You share your goals and strategies with them. Create a family atmosphere, a sense of belonging, and give recognition for accomplishments.
6. You make certain your credibility is unquestionable.
7. You set the highest possible standards.
8. You enthusiastically instill in them your passion to achieve excellence in all your combined endeavors.
9. You give the responsibility and authority to achieve.
10.You periodically check and follow through that your standards and philosophies are adhered to.

These is how i build an successful franchising business, being confident to an certain philosophy. There may exist better philosophies, but mine proved to be efficient and i am proud of it. Here is what these philosophy is all about:

a) The client is the boss. He is the most important factor in any business and you have to know these all the time in your head;
b) Try to convince an client, but never argue with him: you may win the fight, but will lose the client;
c) Treat your employees and business partners like they were the clients;
d) Remember all the time that the only thing that a client must do is to pay for your product;
e) The advertisement and the public relations can not build all by themselves an successful business (if you put the spotlight on a pile of muck, you will only obtain an even bad smell;
f) Failure is a big teacher. All successful people meet with him at least one time. Learn from the failure, beat him, over come him and move one;
g) Show me a person that never did not make any mistake and i will show a person that never did not do anything;
h) Unity means power. First, think at the fragility of a snow flake, that falls and melts on the asphalt and then think about the fact that more snow flakes, forming an healthy layer, can paralyse any town;
i) Concentrate all your forces(physical and intellectual) for the achievement of an special objective.
j) There are two ways to claim at the top of tree: to sit on an acorn and to wait for it to grow, or to clime one;
k) Be persistent: “Nothing in this world can replace perseverance. The Talent can not – everywhere you see talented people that did not made it. The Genius can not – «misunderstood genius» is an expression more than common. Education can not – the world is full of educated people. Perseverance and ambition are the only omnipotent things” (Calvin Coolidge);
l) Knowledge means an accumulation of experiences. Always listen, ask questions, search to obtain as many information as possible. Do not consider that you know everything – such an attitude translates through the fact that you do not know what is that you don not know, very dangerous thing;
m) Do not reinvent the wheel. Your problem, surely , is not knew, someone encounter it sooner and tried to solve her. Find out who this person is, find out what solution he found and start from the point where she get, not from the place that she left.
n) Be optimist, think positive. Success or failure are often determined by the mental attitude that you use (“I can do it” or “I can`t do it”). Do not waste your time trying to justify why you can not make a thing work. You should rather think of a way through which you can do it.
o) Arrange an system that prevents the appearance of the problems. An week manager leave`s the problems to appear and then he tries to figure out how to solve them;
p) The luckiest people that i have meet where the ones who work hard and are very ambitious;
q) Do not do to anybody else what you do not want to be done to you;
r) One of my favorite expressions: “I appreciate you for maintain our reputation”;
s) The ones that have the ability to become rich and powerful are not afraid of failure, no matter how painful will these be. They know that they can become rich and powerful, once again. The ones who receive the wealth and power are afraid, that if they will lose them, they will not be able to obtain them , and often times, they abuse of their position.

Conclusion: you got to have credibility, imagination, enthusiasm, visionary spirit, time sense, passion for perfection, perseverance, the ability to communicate and the desire to share with others. And to remember yourself always that you are at the discretion of your clients, because they are the only ones that can decide where and how to spend their money”.

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