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A Day in the Life of Aspray Property Services Franchise

As one gets closer and closer to making a decision to purchase a franchise or start their own small business, there begins to be an uneasiness that comes with not knowing what it will actually look like in day-to-day operations once the business is up and running. While you can begin to see the things that will need to be done overall according to your business plan, your work load, your tasks and assignments that are required to meet the needs of your franchisor, there is always that question when starting the first day of self-employment when no one is there to tell you what to do of; what do I do now? Planning for that can help make sure that the progress you have made in researching, purchasing, training, and marketing for your franchise doesn’t come to a screeching halt when it’s time to actually run and operate that franchise. Believe it or not, sometimes there is a feeling of disappointment and depression associated with the actual running of a new franchise if a plan hasn’t been made for what will happen after the franchise opens.

In discussing the actual working relationship of a small business franchise owner, David Spafford, the owner of an Aspray Property Services Franchise has these four points to make about the actual operation of the franchise to encourage future owners.

#1 – Best aspects of being self-employed as a franchise owner

Aspray provided an opportunity to run a business opportunity that was home-based yet provided a proven business model that did not have to be created or modified to be successful at the individual level. David, the Aspray Property Services franchise owner who offered this advice, described being able to work with back-up marketing, technical support and the ability to work at home rather than in an office setting; as the best aspects of owning a franchise business. Each day having a proven business model and having received the training made knowing how to proceed with confidence easy. The added benefit of having access to franchisee support made being able to get resources and questions answered when complications arose simple and attainable.

#2 – Biggest surprises to working at home and as a franchisor

When storms and floods hit the UK, the Aspray Property Services business became increasingly busy. Referring business clients and customers and creating networks became a priority for many business. The boundaries in busy seasons begin to push the limits of work and home in the home-based business scenario where there is less and less distinction between “life” and “career.” As things settle down into slower seasons, it’s important to re-establish those boundaries so that work is distinguishable from home life.

#3 – Challenges to finding and operating a business for sale

Initially, the hardest part of starting a business and finding the franchise is knowing how to be successful at it. Not worrying about how much business the franchise generates in the beginning is a rare but valuable luxury that allowed this franchisee to be choosy in finding good contractors to work with. Making sure that the franchise owner doesn’t seem desperate for connections and willing to work with anyone but maintains standards is extremely important in the long term health and success of any franchise, especially one that deals in credibility and referrals.

#4 – Words of wisdom for future franchise owners

David, owner of an Aspray Property Services franchise, stated that his words of wisdom for any future franchise owner are to “do their homework.” Before buying a franchise, make sure that there is sufficient cash flow for the start up. Contractors always want pay straight away and insurance companies can be slow in sending out cheques. Help build good business relationships by not requiring slower incomes to dictate the rate at which your contacts receive their payments. Being organized and prepared to work hard are also essentials in beginning a franchise; however, it’s not a guarantee to earning lots of money unless a lot of hard work and effort is put into following the business model. Also be careful to avoid trying to re-create the business in a different image. It is a successful franchise for a reason, and everyone needs to work together as a team to follow a business model that has built the franchise into success. One of the greatest assets available to a franchise owner is a healthy relationship between franchisor and franchisee.

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