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Movie posters can make for great wall art. Movie posters of box office hits are particularly popular collectors’ items. Movie poster collectors often view rare poster prints online and print them using online poster printing services. Whether a film’s poster features unique graphic design, haunting imagery, brilliant photography and a catching tagline, film posters play a significant role in bringing a film to box office heights. Whether the films follow through from the posters is another consideration but posters do their job of gathering the moviegoer market.
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One poster print considered to be one of the most memorable is that of 1984’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Some critics of the film have suggested that this is one of those examples of posters that did not follow through with the film. Following the successful launch of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, fans were anticipating and had high expectations for part two. It features the dashingly adventurous professor and archeologist Indiana Jones helping an Indian village retrieve their missing children through the powers of a mystical stone found inside the temple of doom. Indy agrees to retrieve the stone and meets perilous adventures in the form of a secret cult and dark voodoo doctor performing murderous rituals inside the temple. Indiana Jones, ever the hero, saves the day by retrieving the stone, putting an end to the secret cult and retrieving the children.
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The film’s poster can be considered as the poster that sets the bar for all treasure hunt adventure film posters of all time. Designed in the classic style of 80’s graphics, the poster features Indiana Jones at the doorway to the Temple of Doom, about to enter its dark, deathly depths. The imagery created successfully conveys the excitement, danger and adventure of the film, a characteristic that launched the film franchise’s all the way to box office glory.
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