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These are Some of the Things You Can Learn at Www.ikea.com

The first thing that caught my attention at www.ikea.com is the rich history of the company. Everything about the founder is inspiring and it is a motivation to everyone with big dreams and it affirms that they can indeed come true. Ingvar Kamprad was only 17 when he started his business at home in 1943. Many people have many explanations of what the ikea name stands for. The first two letters are simply the abbreviations of his two names while the other two letters stand for the farm and the country he grew up in, in South Sweden. The company started of by selling simple items like pens, wallets, watches, jewelery among many other items. He started selling furniture in 1947 and he would later produce his own furniture.

It was until 1955 that he started designing his own furniture and today ikea is the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of furniture. Therefore, at www.ikea.com you will learn even more on the history of the ikea brand. The other thing that you will learn about the company is the corporate structure. The company is a private group and they operate with franchises. This means that every store is independent of the other. If you have not had the opportunity to visit an ikea store you will get to learn on the store formats at ikea. Their colors are blue and yellow. The stores are usually very large blue buildings which have limited windows. They are designed in a way that the customer walks through the showroom looking at the products.

At ikea , you will learn about the new shortcuts introduced in stores especially in the U.S. You do not have starve while shopping because ikea stores come with restaurants serving mostly Swedish food. You will get to experience the delicacies from the  Swedish culture and you will not be disappointed. Most importantly, you will get to see and read about all the products ikea has to offer. The major products being flat pack furniture and home accessories. They employ the flat pack style because it is cost effective. This means that most furniture is not assembled by ikea and the customer goes home to assemble for themselves.

Ikea will cater for all your household needs and on the website you will definitely get what you need. Other things that you will learn from ikea are their responsibility on climate change, child labor, forestry, the community and you will get to learn their focus areas. If you are interested in a career at ikea you can learn how to apply as well as meet staff and learn their values. If you have a nose for news, you can go to the press room on www.ikea.com and see all the latest scoops and press releases. You can also see product recalls and read product news. There is no end to interesting information on the ikea website and, if you have not visited the site, you should do so and enter into a world where life can be made better.

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