How To Play Franchise Mode

how to play franchise mode

The Bigs 2 Download – The Bigs 2 Review

When versions of console games make the transition to portable systems like the Nintendo DS I expect to see features trimmed and gameplay that’s suited to the respective system. It makes me sad when developers gut their games for the casual gaming-minded portable audience.

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Had 2K Sports simply mirrored the modes that we see in the console (and even PSP) versions of The Bigs 2, DS players could have been treated to a decent baseball experience. I’m disappointed to report that is not the case.

As you might have guessed the biggest problem with The Bigs 2 is its feature set, though the gameplay doesn’t pan out all that spectacularly either. To call the list of available modes “light” would be a massive understatement.

With no semblance of a season or franchise mode and with the console versions’ career mode completely removed, The Bigs 2 on DS is a pitiful offering despite its twenty dollar price tag. Your only options wind up being a single game, homerun derby, or homerun pinball. I’m not sure what you expect from your baseball games, but I wanted a lot more.

Once you make your way to the field you’ll notice that the controls have been appropriately outfitted to the DS’s dual-screen layout. When pitching you’ll find your pitch selections on the lower screen. You’ll need to select one of the four pitch types, pick your location with the stylus and then try to max out a power meter.

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Throwing strikes will build your turbo meter and making great plays in the field will build your score. Much like in the other versions of The Bigs 2, points are used for Big Blasts and Big Heat while turbo is used on a play-by-play basis to give your boys a boost.

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