Hand Car Wash Names

hand car wash names

Car Wash Systems Information for Your Business


Most people utilize some type of car wash these days. The right location, along with the right type of car wash system, can be a lucrative business and supply your community with a needed service as well. The location is “the key”. Consider locating at, or near, auto dealers, convenience stores, marinas, golf courses, malls, quick lube centers, and apartment complexes. After finding a great location for your car wash system, the choice of what kind of car wash system to offer will take some consideration and research into the many types available.

Even before choosing the car wash system for your bays, you need to decide whether you will have outside bays or offer inside bays. In recent market studies, it was found that inside bays generate 50%-60% more revenue than outside ones. You also must decide on having single or dual bay set-ups, and how the booms will be mounted.

The boom system is the next major decision in choosing car wash systems. Booms are available in several styles and sizes. They have pressure capacities of up to 2200 psi and the basic car wash system comes with water temperature limits of 150° F, which can be upgraded for hotter temperatures. The throughput medium for car wash systems has a PH rating of 3-12.

Car wash systems have ceiling or wall mounted boom systems with straight or bent arm options. The bent ceiling boom arm offers continuous 360° rotation and is used for the pressure wand or foam brush. Many car wash systems use two ceiling booms having one for high-pressure and one for foam. The straight ceiling boom features continuous 360° rotation also, and is centered in the bay.

The wall mounted boom offers 180° rotation of high-pressure. A separate foam brush is hung on the wall of the bay. Wall boom extensions can be added to ceiling booms creating a combination wash solution that gives a reach of up to 40’. This is a great way to add commercial vehicles (trucks and buses) to your clientele. Car wash systems can utilize air booms as well. These air-system booms also mount to the ceiling or wall. They are designed for use with either vacuum or air-drying systems.

An important element of car wash systems is the wands and brushes they use. For your wands, look for integrated swivels and nozzle guards to extend the life of the equipment. There are different wands for cars and trucks, and they come available with straight or bent arms. Brushes come with locking screws or snap-on connections. Brushes are heavily used and are priced, typically, between $100-$200.

Hand-held vehicle dryers are cost effective and are an important improvement to your bays. They install easily and are easy to rebuild when needed. These systems mount on the wall, or they can be located in the attic. Stand-alone units can be coupled with a tire inflator and placed outside of the bay.

Another consideration for simple pressure washing capability is the freestanding pressure pump station. These units are super compact and come with all the basics: pump, motor, coin meter, soap and rinse valves, wall boom, chemical tank, gun and wand, hose and hanger, and even a sign that lists the instructions!


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