Hand Car Wash Equipments

hand car wash equipments

Your Mobile Car Wash And Water Conservation

A mobile car wash business is a huge convenience for customers who do not have the time to bring their vehicles in for a thorough cleaning. People who want to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape now do not need to worry about finding the time to bring their car in, as mobile detailing is a growing business field.

However, it is important to remember that you need to be responsible when providing this convenience. Many people do not realize that a common aspect like water drainage and water usage can be a huge issue with portable auto detailing. It is important to ensure that your auto detailing supplies and machines are not just effective for cleaning, but also conserve water.

Machines with Low Flow Capabilities

Undertaking auto detailing projects on your grounds is very different from taking the detailing at your client’s home or place of work. Your detailing premises should be able to handle heavy water drainage for more than one vehicle. You will probably also have measures in place to ensure you have enough water on hand. Unfortunately, you cannot expect the same kind of conditions when you take your mobile car wash system to a client’s home or other small area. Residential areas may not be equipped to deal with high water drainage. Remember that excessive drainage can result in fines and can lead to flooding. You also do not want to consume more water than necessary, as water availability may also be limited.

The good news is there are a number of portable car wash machines specifically designed to use less water. This means there is no risk of excessive drainage or using too much water to clean. Another advantage of this is that you can finish the job much quicker. For instance, using carpet cleaners with low water flow means the vehicle interiors will dry out in just a few hours, while conventional shampooers require up to 24 hours of drying time. Apart from that, the upholstery can dry out more completely since less water has been used. Using pressure washers with low water flow means you will not have to worry about massive run-off during your cleaning task, nor will the excessive water output damage vehicle surfaces.

Water Efficiency without Sacrificing Power

Just because these auto detailing supplies use less water does not mean they offer a lower cleaning efficiency. These machines rely on other methods to remove different types of dirt and debris. For example, carpet cleaners with low water flow also use powerful extraction methods to loosen and remove deep-seated debris. This is a huge benefit when compared to conventional carpet cleaners, which use large amounts of water and leave the upholstery very damp. This causes the interior to take a longer time to dry, and in some cases can cause germs and mold to grow in the damp material.

Pressure washing machines use optimum pressure levels and high steam temperatures to blast dirt off without harming the surface. In this way, even stubborn deposits like hardened mud or grease can be removed without using too much water.

Your portable detailing facility should be convenient for customers, which means it should not cause them any unnecessary trouble either. Using water-efficient detailing machines for your portable car wash business is an important way to offer outstanding results without the waste.

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