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Becoming a Franchise Owner

So you’re a stay at home mom and you love being home with your children but there are times you long to go back to the days when you worked and brought in extra income to your family. Or, maybe you were the breadwinner of the family and made the ultimate sacrifice, quitting your job to stay home and raise your children.

Many women struggle with this dilemma. Many women feel the need to be successful outside the scope of being a mother and/or a wife. Raising children is a huge responsibility and trying to juggle that and a job can be stressful and tiresome, but it doesn’t have to be.

Instead of working a 9-5 shift or working crazy hours just to find the time to fit you family into your day, think about becoming a business owner. Not just any type of business though, considers a becoming a franchise business owner. If you choose a franchise that is well know and well established, such as a salon franchise, your chance of success is extremely obtainable! You can be your own boss, make your own decisions and best of all, make money!

Lots of women are finding themselves becoming involved in kid oriented type franchises. Most of these women have children of their own and so they have a natural knack for creating a warm and friendly kid centric atmosphere. One booming business is child friendly salons. Many children have a fear of getting their hair cut and styled. Not every cosmetologist can accommodate a child but at a child friendly salon, that is what he or she does!

As a salon franchise owner, you don’t need to have a license in cosmetology or be any sort of retail expert. All you need is the passion for running a business and the willingness and drive to succeed. If you have a desire to work with children, this is something for you. Salon franchises are growing at an exponential rate and that means more business owners are needed.

Remember, if you choose to become a franchise owner, it does require a great deal of hard work, commitment, determination and persistence. This is something that can be managed though, so don’t ever loose sight of the reasons why you chose to be a franchise business owner. Like most business owners today, their goal was to become their own boss and to have a job they love. You can have this too!

About the Author

Author Kimberly Green ran a home business for several years and has implemented a few excellent ideas for a successful salon franchise as well.

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