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Top 10 Low Cost Business Franchises

Starting a business often means making large capital investments, especially in the very beginning. In fact, many financial advisors recommend that you plan on losing some money as you get started. However, before you dismiss yourself as not having enough money to get going, keep in mind that not all ventures are so financially draining. What so many aspiring businessmen and women do not know is that franchising dramatically reduces the financial risks associated with building a new company. Furthermore, some of the most lucrative opportunities are low cost business franchises. They require very little start-up capital, few or no employees and most all of them are home businesses. This may sound too good to be true, but fortunately, there are real opportunities for people like you who are genuinely interested in starting a business. Best of all, there are several different businesses from which to choose. Here are ten of the most popular low cost franchises in the market today.

#1. Berkeley Brewer

One of the most important things to franchisees as they build their businesses is minimized risk. That’s why so many of them choose franchising over starting from scratch. Berkeley Brewer, a personal tailoring company, is a terrific example of how a franchise can significantly decrease the risk. This company is so dedicated to your success that it will refund your franchise fee if you do not see a return on investment within 12 months. Moreover, this business is easy to manage, which means you don’t have to quit your regular job until your new venture becomes so busy that you have no other choice. The reassurance with a franchise like this is that you do not have to risk everything – your money and your current means of making money – to change careers.

#2. CityLocal

Many entrepreneurs start their own businesses because they grow tired of simply doing a job. They want to be part of something groundbreaking. They have an intrinsic desire to make a difference. If this sounds like you, a franchise opportunity with CityLocal should be on your list of franchises to consider. This web-based home business focuses on the economic growth of cities throughout the UK and Ireland. Not only do you have a chance to be part of a profitable, high-traffic website, you also have the satisfaction of making a difference in your community. By offering both free and paid advertising, you keep members of the community abreast with local news and events. At the same time, local businesses have a means of promoting their products and services on your site.

#3. FirstWills

Transitioning from one career to another can be especially challenging when you’re not sure how much money will be coming in and how often. This is certainly true when it comes to starting a new business. As mentioned, many new entrepreneurs actually lose revenue faster than they can generate it. Nevertheless, one of the best aspects of FirstWills is your ability to earn money in a matter of days. All you have to do is meet with individuals who are ready to write their wills. Then, you write down their instructions and pass the information on to the franchise. You never actually write the will; instead, FirstWills does this for you. And, you make money with each sale you generate.

#4. Brazilian Soccer Schools

Countless businessmen and women had to take the hard route to building their companies. So many people enter the business world with the mindset that you have to dive in headfirst, quit your job, invest everything you have and hope that it all works out. Fortunately, this is not the only way. Brazilian Soccer Schools, for example, is a franchise business for sale that allows its newcomers to keep their existing jobs for the first year. This means that you can go through the coaching and business training with your mind focused where it should be – on what you’re learning rather than how much money you wish you were already making. Plus, it gives you time to launch and promote your business whilst you continue to meet current financial obligations.

#5. Little Angels Children’s Photography

Many new mums must weigh the cost of childcare when deciding whether to return to the workforce. For many of them, the costs of daycare take a large portion of their earnings, which leads them to wonder if going back to work is really worthwhile. After all, not only are they losing a significant amount of their earnings just to childcare costs, they also miss the opportunity to be with their children each day. If this sounds like your dilemma, you have to determine whether it’s truly worth the money you’re actually bringing home. Still, chances are that you can not afford not to contribute financially. This is where a work from home business opportunity like Little Angels can be very beneficial to mums like you. As a photographer for this company, you will work only four or five days a week for about four hours per day. This means you can take your children to school and be finished in time to pick them up. Most of all, no experience is required. All the training you will need is provided by the franchise. Of course, all franchisees are female because women are generally preferred by preschool aged children.

#6. Aura Roboclean

There are two ways to make money with this sophisticated cleaning franchise. First, you offer mattress, upholstery and carpet cleaning to hotels, nurseries, nursing homes, offices and other businesses. Nonetheless, this is not your average cleaning company. Aura Roboclean uses only environmentally friendly machines, protecting the earth and dramatically reducing allergens. People are paying more and more attention to the environment, on a global scope in addition to their immediate surroundings. As you can imagine, this market is expected to treble within the next five years. And, last but not least, you can even sell the equipment to those who are interested. This just increases your chances of profiting from this innovative business opportunity. Most importantly, you can become a franchisee with a very low investment.

#7. Charisnack

Just as people are striving to live in a better environment, they also want healthier bodies. As a Charisnack business franchise, you will offer healthy snacks and smoothies to people in the workplace. All you have to do is leave the products with your clients and pick up the cash at appropriate intervals. Furthermore, Charisnack is another franchise that gives you the opportunity to make a real difference. This is true because the company donates a portion of its sales to benefit the National Blind Children’s Society. You don’t have to make the donation. Just being part of this organization means your efforts will translate to help for others in need.

#8. UK Websaver

Once again, here is another great home-based business prospect. UK Websaver is a company that markets membership loyalty cards. This is a great product because consumers are always looking for ways to save money; meanwhile, businesses are constantly seeking new ways to promote their products and services. Additionally, this low cost opportunity demands only a limited amount of stock. Working out of your home means that you’re somewhat restricted when it comes to space, but the tiny plastic cards won’t crowd your home office or break your bank.

#9. Molly Maid

Not everyone will realize the benefits of running a business from home. In contrast, most people work at least eight hours each day. They don’t have the flexible schedule you’ll have as an entrepreneur, which means they will have to hire others to do work around their homes. After working all day, who wants to spend evenings and weekends on housework? This is a tremendous marketing opportunity for you as a Molly Maid franchisee. For a minimal capital investment, you will become part of the UK’s most recognizable cleaning companies. Rather than building from the ground up, starting a franchise with outstanding name recognition puts you one giant step ahead of your competition. In truth, a well-established brand name is one of the most valuable assets a franchise business has to offer.

#10. Baby Prints

If you’re a parent, you are already keenly aware of how quickly children grow. And, you also know that parents are always looking for creative ways to capture precious moments with their little ones. The Baby Prints franchise has found a way to make this desire very profitable for you. If you decide to invest in one of their franchises, you will make impressions of every cherished dimple in baby’s hands and feet. Parents adore this keepsake; at the same time, you get the chance to run a home business. All the independence and flexibility you can expect when running your own company is available to you. And, the most important part is that Baby Prints is one of the low cost business franchises that comes with exclusive sales territory. Not only will you sell a unique product, you won’t have to worry about competition from other franchises.

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