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Starting a Franchise: Better Know Which Type You Want

One of the greatest decisions of any entrepreneur is in the choice of franchise that you buy in to. Therefore, there is a lot of planning and researching that needs to go into the process before deciding on a final franchise.

You need to have goals to work towards. For example, think about why you want to start a business and what you expect to get out of it. You must also think about if you will have the commitment to the business throughout as it can be a long and hard process at times.

Buying info a franchise may cost more or less money than you originally expect so make sure you know what financial requirements are expected of you and if you can afford them. This includes franchise fees, royalty payment terms and other expenses that you may have to pay along the way.

In order for your franchise to be a successful one you must ensure that you have the right qualities and skills. To do this you will need to look at your previous achievements and experiences and assess you areas of strength from these. There are certain maths and English skills that you need to have to become a franchisee of the Subway® restaurant chain. These will be tested before you can become a franchisee. In is advised that you choose a franchise to buy into that can leverage your strong points. Look at the background of the franchisor as you do not want to take up their offer if they have a history of being unreliable and unsuccessful. You will also want to work for a franchisor who treats their franchisees well and gives them support and training throughout the whole business process. You should definitely talk to other franchisees in order to get an idea of how that particular franchisor works before applying to the franchise opportunity.

There may be restrictions within the business that you need to be aware of in terms of outlet size and restrictions on territory. It is advised that you familiarise yourself with these when making your decision. Agreements that you are required to sign will list out rights and obligations of both you and your franchisor and these should be read very carefully, if possible with legal opinion.

Franchise Offering Circular is the franchisor’s disclosure document and you should make sure that you ask to have a look at this before you sign up as a franchisee. Reading this will help you to evaluate the financial stability of the franchisor and therefore see if they are financially capable of supporting you as a franchisee. It is law that you are given this document to read at least ten days before you sign up to the franchise.

So, before deciding to start up your own franchise, ask yourself these questions:

• Is training required before starting?

• Where is the best place to start up a franchise business?

• What equipment will be needed in order to start up th franchise?

• How many people will be required to start the operations of the franchise?

You will also need to consider all the risks that you may be open to throughout the business process as this will help you to minimize these risks and make your franchise business a success. You may like to get some professional guidance when choosing a franchise.

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