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Ten Great Franchises For Work at Home Mums

Being a mother and still wanting to work can irritate many women, but working from home is becoming easier. The internet is a great source that supplies numerous amounts of business opportunities.

There are many franchises available which are perfect for mothers stuck indoors. Here is a list of the top ten franchises that allow mums to work from home.

1. American Billing Systems

This is a source for doctors; your job will be filing medical claims. Access is 24 hours a day, and seven days a week giving around the clock access to suit your needs. This easy system allows you to be a mother and still earn some cash. Training and support are offered, and financial support is available if needed. Total capital investment for American billing Systems is $14,990. The liquid capital required is $7,490.

2. Vendstar Vending Machine

This is a wonderful business opportunity for stay at home mums. It is what it says, a vending machine business; even your children may be able to help you out with this one, it could be their way of earning a bit of pocket cash themselves! Training and support are offered, the minimum investment to become part of Vendstar Vending is $5495.

3. Pet Butler

The Pet Butler franchise involves the cleaning up after pets. This is another great franchise chance to grab hold of for those mums stuck at home. Training is offered along with any support needed. Total capital investment is $41,900-$81,500 and the liquid capital investment is between the figures of $15,330-$21,990.

4. Decor & You Interior Design Decorating

If you are a mum at home and have a spark for design then Decor & You is the perfect franchise opportunity for you. Financing support is unfortunately not offered but training is fully covered. For Decor Designers the capital requirement is $47,500-$76,000, and $132,000-$147,000 for the regional director.

5. The Back Rubber Vending Massage Chair

Here the massage chairs do all the work, all you are asked to do is pop by every so often to remove the money. This is a great way to earn for stay at home mums, and the kids may enjoy the chairs too! Total capital investment is $7495. Training and support are covered.

6. Cruise Planners Travel

Working from home and planning cruises is what this franchise consists of. The client database is top secret; you own your own business. Full training is given and support offered. The franchise fee is $9995; total capital investment is $9995-$19,950.

7. Press a Print

This franchise offers the possibility of making money quickly whilst working at home. This can be organised by mum, a couple or even the kids can help out. Total capital is $10,000-$33,000 with liquid capital less than $4000. Training is offered.

8. Carpet Sculpture Gallery

This is not only easy to run but also easy to make money. You buy the supplies as you go and training is offered. Total capital investment is $35,000 and liquid capital is £30,000. Required Net is $100,000.

9. Eliza j Porta Potty

Perfect for functions, for example, weddings. Eliza J is an easy fun to run business, which home bound mums, will love. Capital investment is $64,700-$112,400. Liquid capital is $25,000. Training and support are at hand along with third party financing.

10. Infinite Marketing Video Business Card

This franchise asks for a capital investment of $14,900. Financing is not offered but training and support are covered. All this business consists of is a video business card distributor.

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