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Nba Promotes Energy Efficient Living On And Off The Court

The NBA has locked arms with the Natural Resources Defense Council for the 2nd annual Green Week April 1, 2010. During Green Week the leagues 30 teams work to encourage energy conservation through action.  Fans will notice the “Green NBA” logo on players jerseys. The jerseys, socks, wristbands and headsbands are all provided by the clothing retailer Adidas using 45-50% recycled polyester and/or organic cotton.   Though the event, which runs through April 9, is celebrating its second year, this is actually the result of a 4 year relationship, beginning in 2006 with the NRDC. The NBA’s Executive Vice President of Social Responsibility and Player Programs, Kathleen Behrens, explained that the partnership was formed when the NBA was seeking to “identify ways in which we could improve our environmental issues as it relates to our offices, events and to help our teams do the same.”

Portland’s Trail Blazers took command of Green Weeks theme installing numerous recycling stations lowering waste to local landfills by 1000 tons each year. Bicycle and electric vehicles are now being used for on-site transportation. These are only a few of the many actions taken by the franchise to promote a more energy efficient enviornment. In light of all that has been accomplished, the Rose Garden arena has been awarded the LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental program.  The program sets to recognize buildings whom have made notable large advances preserving natural resource and water conservation and minimizing energy consumption.

“It’s a great affirmation that the steps our teams are taking are really going to have a positive impact on the environment,” Behrens said.

Below are just a few teams taking part in Green Awareness weeks:

Chicago Bulls: Fans will be recieve Energy Efficient Light Bulbs as an exit giveaway each game. In addtion, 10 green and enviornmentally conscious tips will be featured and the scoreboards each game.

Orlando Magic: With the Amway Center in the process of being built, the Magic is looking to be the 4th arena to be LEED certified which stands to lower water consumption by 40%. Fans will also be given vouchers they can use for LED replacement light bulbs outside.

Los Angeles Lakers: On April 4th the Lakers will host Eco-Night in partnership with the Verizon Hope Line Program. For the evening the team, whose Staple Center is already known for green tactics such as water free urinals and 1,700 solar panels,  will encourage attendees to recycle old cellphones. Proceeds will benefit local domestic violence shelters.

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