Franchise Player Nfl Definition

franchise player nfl definition

Who Is The All-Time Best Professional Football Player?

Any conversation about who the greatest pro football player is could go in several different directions. How many ways are there to judge who is the “best”? Which player has been on the team with the most wins, or perhaps the player with the most amazing personal stats?

Or you could just try to find the one player who excelled overall, and who has become a legend. One example of such a perfect player is Jim Brown.

One of the most amazing things about Jim Brown is that he only played in the NFL for 9 seasons, and yet he is still talked about 42 years after his retirement. Even in just 9 seasons, he accumulated an amazing 12,312 rushing yards (an NFL record at the time). Brown also had the single season record for rushing with 1,863 yards. Add to that more records for rushing touchdowns, total touchdowns and all-purpose yards.

Even after all these decades, he is still the Cleveland Browns record-holder for rushing yards in a single season (1,863). Not one single other franchise in the league has a record that has held so long. Jim Brown also was awarded the league MVP award 3 times during his time with Cleveland.

What made Brown a spectacular player was that was more than just a good football player. He was an excellent athlete by all accounts. Physically, he was definitely a gifted play but he also had the mental ability to pick up and overcome any athletic challenges that came his way.

His skill was not overlooked. When he graduated from his Long Island high school, he got 42 offers for college scholarships due to his athletic performance. He decided on Syracuse University, where he earned All-American honors in lacrosse as well as football.

Many of Jim Brown’s statistics have been surpassed by other NFL players since his retirement, mainly because Brown only played for nine seasons. Most modern day running backs have longer careers that than, giving them the statistical advantage when you look at overall numbers. That doesn’t mean their talent is any greater.

He retired in 1966, leaving the game while still in his prime. Unfortunately, that means his name won’t always be on the all-time list of great running backs in the NFL. Nevertheless, Jim Brown should be considered one of the best players in football history.

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