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franchise malaysia list

The Optimum: the Enterprise Gazette is the Ideal Platform for Showcasing All Business Opportunities


OPTIMUM: the Enterprise Gazette is about bringing businesses and the individuals behind it closer to a business community platform where information and opportunities are shared. It brings business opportunities to both potential investors and business owners to increase mutual potential revenue, market presence and brand awareness.

Launched by Astreem Corporation, it is intended to fill the gap between individuals or corporations seeking new opportunities and Sales & Marketing executives seeking new platforms and opportunities to showcase their products and services. This is the sought after SME opportunity platform that will open up new channels of distribution, new business opportunities and SME Business solutions.

Astreem Corporation, parent company of the publication, having spent much time attempting to locate partners and magazines to showcase their business and franchise business opportunities, saw an industry gap that could specifically showcase various business opportunities locally and in the region whilst building business savvy content around it. “It is simply an opportunity we cannot afford to NOT invest in,” Hsien Naidu founder and director of the business consulting firm.

Topics that will be featured in this Brand new offering cover a wide range of interest groups with business opportunity being the common link that threads them together.

OPTIMUM: the Enterprise Gazette is big enough to showcase business opportunities from various industry segments but yet small enough to customise its content toward their reader profiles and industry needs.

What can you expect from OPTIMUM: The Enterprise Gazette:

Main Features

– Franchisor highlight

– What you need to know

Market Square

– Franchising News

Business Sense

– Opportunities Feed

A monthly listing of hot franchises for the business opportunity seeker

Financial Matters

– Money Sense

Features SME financial essentials from industry leaders


– Tips & Traps

Marketing tools and potential pitfalls to avoid


– Lifestyle Connections

Work life balance is the key and the lighter side of business success must not be left out

IT Terminal

– IT solutions for the developing company. Hard ware and soft ware essentials are featured

Events and Seminars

– Bulleting for monthly business, networking and launch events. Industry related activities and seminars as well as business related exhibitions may be featured.

About the Author

Sunantha Kannan is a franchise marketing consultant in Astreem Corporation. Astreem Corporation is a business and franchise consulting company that specializes in helping business owners to grow their business through franchise development and business matching locally and internationally. Astreem offers management consultancy, business development and marketing services.