Franchise Madden 2010

franchise madden 2010

Kirk Rowane writes about the Patriots

I, Kirk Rowane live in Trinidad and Tobago and I am a diehard fan fan-a-tic of the New England Patriots.

Football (American football) has become by far, my most favorite sport. The New England Patriots is my favorite team and following pro football is my favorite past time. I will attempt to describe why and how I am a huge fan in this publication. I am of course also a critic of my team but only when things are not going our way. I feel the pain with the losses and feel the joy with the wins. The superbowl victories have been glorious. Even though I have not been able to gloat in the satisfaction of winning it all as much as I would have wanted, it’s no feeling knowing that you are following one of the greatest franchises in the world. On the other hand, the losses have been excruciating.

Anyone who has been associated with competitive sports or something likewise will know that these moments don’t necessarily go away.  The one that lingers as a tormentor is the suberbowl loss to the New York Giants. The perfect season was on the line and football immortality. It all vanished with arguably the weakest two parts of the team were exploited: the offensive line interior at the guards and also in the defensive back field at the two corners playing deep man coverage. I know that may sound like mumbo jumbo to the average reader or football fan but to me it is details that never seem to fade.

I think that we all feel that the more and more we know about the sport, the more and more we think we can run a team. On the contraire, when you have leveled up your knowledge almost past where you think is the saturation point of “I know it all,” then doors become opened to you as to how much you can view the sport as a never ending frontier. I believe that you can never stop learning the art of the craft. By details, it’s the most complexed sport which has many moving parts, terminologies, principles and strategies. These are some of the reasons which make Bill Belichick  one of the games game masters. He is truly of the games geniuses. From the days of the Giants as a coordinator when he came up with the game plan to beating the K-Gun Bills in the superbowl. His days as of the games best planners dint start there but was highlighted then and also when he beat “The greates show on turf – Rams” in the superbowl with old fashion defense, an over-achieving ground game and a young quarter-back by the name of Tom Brady.

Brady didn’t only earn a superbowl and the respect of the New England Patriots fans by giving them the first Loambardi trophy, but he earned the following of people who knew that they were in for a treat to what was to come.  Tom Brady became all of our favorite son. With every throw and competition that he made in every game, I knew that I was watching him like if I watching my own brother or son.  The three superbowl victories were already enough to get him into the hall of fame but now the stats which are an attribute to his diligence were icing on the cake. In sports, people are slaves to the numbers which can rank you higher than legends of the game. Having both the stats and the championships put you in elite company. No words can describe the price that I see when I watch exceed. I guess that what makes it better to be a fan, the fact that Brady makes it so easy for us to follow him. You can say to another fan of another team that your quarterback is one of the greatest of all time… without actually saying it.

Being a video game fan of madden, I have put up big numbers in the video game and I had subsequently dreamed of my team doing that in real life. I thought that it would have never happened since it was already fifteen years I was playing the game.  In 2007, that all came to change. Tom Brady, Randy Moss and the New England Patriots put up staggering numbers which rocked the landscape of the NFL. Brady passed for a record fifty touchdown passes that season. I went to the to the New England – Miami game that year in Miami. I said to my friends at the tailgate before the game (jokingly), ” Brady is going to throw for six touchdowns today.” Although a lot of the people at the tailgate party were Dolphin fans, no one batted an eye. Brady had never thrown for six touchdowns in a game. I fact, before that, he had never thrown for five. The most he had ever thrown was four on multiple occasions. It’s not that I was kidding really. I always want him to throw for six touchdowns in every game but this day I was certain he could do it. He did just that. It seemed like he had been doing this every day just as routine.

The other memorable game was the one when we travelled to England and played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Wembley stadium in London. I bought VIP tickets and had a four course meal in th Bobby Moore room in Wembley. My family and I were on the fifty yard line. We won that game of course. The trip would have not been good if we didn’t. I was fortunate to meet Mr. Bob Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots and apart from Brady and Belichick, one of my favorite people who I wanted to meet. He gave me a silver Patriot pin and told me it is something that he only gives to friends. It is just too bad that I was not able to convince him to stay in contact with me. After all, I would be the general manager of the team for free. As a businessman myself, I look up to Mr. Kraft as one of my role models. He made one of the best decisions for the franchise identifying Bill Belichick as a talented prospect coach and signing even in exchange for a number one draft pick.

I still dream of Brady going out and delivering four more super bowls and all in a row. That would be something monumental for my bragging rights. If we do it, at least three more, I will get a  New England tattoo. Is that asking for too much? At this point I like the direction the team is going here in 2010. I love the draft picks, especially out of Florida. I think people have placed too much on the fact that we have lost Seymour, Harrison, Bruschi and Vrabel. While I do love those players and respect what they have done for the team, I did notice the last year they were with the team in 2008, they had all become significantly slower. I know that our younger players have a lot to prove but didn’t all our great ones at some point in time have to do the same. We are the New England Patriots, past and present, we will continue to strive at excellence. I believe that I am part of the team. It’s like a family. What’s your family like?



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