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Manifesto Of The Movement For A ‘world Government And A Single Human Society’

Manifesto of the Movement for a


The Movement stands for mobilization of opinion of the entire people all over this World for creation of a strong and effective World Government based upon the Principles of Democracy, Equality and Brotherhood

Under the World Government there will be Autonomous State Governments all over the World to rule on the portfolios which are directly connected with the everyday life of the people. The State Government will have its own Constitution and police force to maintain law and order. Under the State Government there will be the District Administrative Bodies and Local Administrative Bodies. The Autonomous State can be constituted for a sect of people who are traditionally followed by a common culture within a specific territory. The present States in India and the Republics in erstwhile U.S.S.R are the examples for such Autonomous States. The States can be constituted on the basis of a reasonable population and area also. The States in U.S.A and China are examples. The maximum and minimum population for an Autonomous State can be fixed as 50 million and 5million respectively.

The State will have its Legislative Assembly consisting of two Chambers- one constituted by the representatives directly elected by the people on the basis of adult franchise and the other constituted by the representatives elected by the District Administrative bodies and certain number of distinguished personalities nominated by the Governor of the State.

Governor of the Autonomous State will be the constitutional as well as the administrative head of the State. He is to be elected by an electoral college constituted by the total number of elected members of both the Chambers of the Legislative Assembly and the entire District Administrative Councils in the State. He can appoint his ministers from the elected members of both houses. The Governor will preside over the Cabinet meetings and will lead his Government. He and his Government can be removed by a non-confidence motion passed by the Electoral College by which he has been elected as the Governor with a 2/3 majority of the total number of Electoral College.

There will be a World Parliament consisting of two Chambers-one constituted by the representatives directly elected by the people all over the World on the basis of adult franchise and the other constituted by all the Legislative Assemblies of the Autonomous States. The World Parliamentary constituencies shall be constituted all over the World on the basis of population as well as the extent of area. The maximum and minimum population for a World Parliamentary constituency can be fixed as 20 million and 5million respectively and thus minimum one member from an Autonomous State will be elected to the World Parliament. The total number of World Parliamentary constituencies shall be limited up to one thousand. These members of the Lower Chamber of World Parliament are to be elected directly by the people on the basis of adult franchise. There will be an Upper Chamber also for the World Parliament. The total number of members of this Upper Chamber can be limited below 600. Out of this 600, not exceeding 500 should be elected from the States by the elected members of both the houses of State Legislative Assemblies. The remaining members should be nominated by the President of the World Government from among the most eminent personalities all over the World who have proved their extra ordinary skill and knowledge in the fields of Art, Literature, Science, Technology etc.

Constitutional and Executive head of the World Government will be the President. There will be two Vice Presidents also. They may be designated as 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President. The President and the Vice Presidents are to be directly elected by an electoral college. The entire elected members of both the houses of the World Parliament and of all the Autonomous States all over the World will constitute the Electoral College to elect the President and the Vice Presidents. The values of the votes of each and every member in the Electoral College should be fixed on the basis of their numerical capacity of representation of people.

The President shall appoint a Cabinet with a Secretary General and other Secretaries. The Secretary General shall be chosen from among the elected members of the Lower Chamber and the other secretaries from both the Chambers proportionately. The World Parliament and the Government will act only to shape out the general policies of Agriculture, Industry, Education, Labor, Environment, etc. It will make ultimate legislation and control over certain other specific portfolios like co-ordination and co-operation of the Autonomous State Governments, control over the World Armed Forces, implementation of the decisions of the World Court to solve the disputes between States, control over the Atomic energy and exploitation of the Space and other Planets and general supervision of the administration and developments all over the World. There will be a very strong armed force consisting of Army, Navy and Air force under the direct control of the World President and the World Government to maintain world peace and to control the rebellious activities which may be taken place in any of the part of the World endangering the total unity and welfare of the world people. The States will have no armed forces except necessary police force to maintain law and order within its territory.

Again, for the purpose of effective and practical implementation and evaluation of the decisions taken by the World Parliament and also for the consideration of common interests of the States, Regional Co-ordination Councils can be constituted. The whole World can be divided as 11 Regions and such 11 Regional Co-ordination Councils can be constituted. They may be:

1. North America                                                                        2. South America

3. South Africa                                                                                     4. North Africa

5. Europe                                                                                             6. West Asia

7. North & East Asia                                                                             8. China

9. India                                                                                                 10. South East Asia

11.  Australia & Oceania

There will be no elected Parliament or Assembly in the Regions.

The Governors of the States and the members of the World Parliament from the concerned Region will constitute the Regional Co-ordination Councils. There will be no legislative activities in the Council. It assembles only for the purpose of evaluation and co-ordination of the legislation passed in the World Parliament and respective State Legislative Assemblies. In every session of the Regional Co-ordination Council Chair Person and Deputy Chair Persons can be elected from among the Governors of the States according to the rotation only for the purpose of presiding over the session. There will be permanent co- ordinating machinery in the Region for carrying out the recommendations adopted by the Council.

The World Parliament shall meet twice in a year in alternative 3 months. Every session shall continue for 3 months.

The Regional Co-ordination Council shall also meet twice in a year. The length of its session shall be one month.

The State Legislative Assemblies shall meet according to the provisions in the State Constitution.

The entire Nuclear Weapons should be completely defused and destroyed. The conflicts based upon various political philosophies should be dropped. The cardinal and basic principles shall be Democracy, Equality and Brotherhood.

Secularism should be the official policy of the World Government as well as of the State Governments. Ban of polygamy and polyandry and implementation of birth control (without abortion expect medically inevitable) when and where it is necessary shall be the official policy of the World Government and of the State Governments irrespective of religious concepts and belief.

English shall be the official language of the World

Individuals, organizations and Institutions who are really interested to propagate these ideals are requested to contribute their own service under the Movement.

It is better to lit up a candle than to curse the darkness.

1st Published in 1993 at Cochin                                                                                                                                            Chief Organizer

Adv. JACOB PULIKKAN                                                                                                 Adimuri Road, Palarivattom

Cochin – 682005, India: Ph: 0484-2533331 : 919037332984.

About the Author

Advocate Jacob Pulikkan (B.A.,L.L.B.)

Age:65 years.

Practicing lawyer for last 28 years, before that teaching experience for 12 years. From the very begenning having political and social work- belong to Indian National Congress- writer of articles and literature in English and Malayalam.

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