Franchise Investment Opportunities

franchise investment opportunities

Redbox movie vending machines are an incredible concept with impressive marketing and accessibility. On many occasions I have found myself renting a DVD from Redbox when it was my intention to just run into the drugstore and pick up some cough medicine. The strategic placement of these machines allows them to infiltrate the minds of customers wherever they may be. That being said, wouldn’t it be a great investment to purchase a Redbox franchise? Well unfortunately, or should I say fortunately they are not available to purchase. If they were available it would be a terrible investment.

I cannot imagine that a Redbox franchise, if it were available, could be acquired without a significant upfront investment of capital. Given these current economic conditions, it would be difficult for many people to make an investment like this lucrative. If we look at recent developments in technology, we can see that something that was a brilliant idea six months previous is obsolete. It is likely that Redbox will diminish in popularity due to the competitive nature of the home movie industry increasing the convenience to the consumer almost on a daily basis.

If you are looking to go into business for yourself I recommend you look toward the internet, as it is a much better option than a Redbox franchise would have been. This could be an actually internet business, or using the internet to market a product or service from another industry. The point is, if you are not leveraging the power of the internet which markets 24/7 on your behalf you are missing out. If you haven’t already, consider expanding your horizons, particularly if you are an entrepreneur at heart.

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