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franchise in the philippines

Authentic Cakes and History of Red Ribbon Bakeshop

One of the most popular branches of bakeries in the Philippines today is Red Ribbon Bakeshop. The bakeshop has been known as one of the longest running bakeshops in the Philippines, marking its arrival in the late 1979 across the streets of Quezon City along Timog Avenue. It offers some of the best collections of authentic
philippine cakes
created by some of the talented Filipino bakers. Red Ribbon is also home to some of the most delectable collection of Italian cuisine such as lasagna, spaghettis, and the popular carbonara. So how did this remarkable bakeshop started its journey to success? Before offering popular Italian dishes, Red Ribbon Bakeshop first focused on delivering authentic
philippine cakes
. It’s roots started in 1979 as a hobby induced business. Along Timog Avenue, Quezon City, Red Ribbon Bakeshop begun serving cakes for Filipinos that passes through there. Filipinos loved the unique blend of taste coming from Red Ribbon’s authentic cakes. Innovative ideas that kept people coming back for more. Because of this success, Red Ribbon Bakeshop then turned their attention to a much larger market, which is setting up a branch outside of the country. Red Ribbon Bakeshop opened their first foreign branch in US branch in West Covina, California, where the majority of the Asian community are Filipinos. There they offered authentic
philippine cakes
to Filipinos and foreigners alike. Red Ribbon Bakeshop received so much success in the industry that they decided to offer franchising of their brand. The founder started to franchise Red Ribbon Bakeshop in 1999 where it first started to appear on several key points of the country. Because of its apparent success in the field, JFC (Jollibee Food Corporation) a conglomerate of popular fast-food chains in the Philippines, took notice of this and begun its effort to acquire the bakeshop. In October of 2005, Red Ribbon Bakeshop was acquired by Jollibee Foods Corporation. With its acquisition, Red Ribbon entered a new phase in its company history. Part of its expansions, Red Ribbon Bakeshop started to offer other kinds of menus. Aside from cakes, Red Ribbon Bakeshop started to offer Italian and Filipino cuisines such as Lasagna, Carbonara, Palabok, Spaghetti, and Deep fried chickens. According to their website, the company, Red Ribbon Bakeshop, will soon become the biggest and fastest-growing bakeshop in the Philippines. Its mission is to bring the joy of eating to everyone through its great-tasting food and superior quality.Visit the website
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