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Top 10 Holiday Franchises: Small Businesses Made for the Season

Owning a franchise is a wonderful business opportunity that more and more individuals are taking advantage of each and every day. And, with all businesses there are certain times of the year that are more profitable than others. For the following 10 franchises the holiday season is one of the most profitable times of the year. Of course, more work is required to match the demand during the holiday season but the owners of the following franchises don’t mind because they will surely be in the black throughout the holidays.

The UPS Store
During the holiday season almost everyone buys gifts and greeting cards for their friends and loved ones. However, there are many individuals whose family and friends live in other parts of the country or even the world. For these individuals The UPS Store comes in very handy because it allows them to ship their gifts easily and with the UPS guarantee. There are other shipping methods individuals may choose, but The UPS Store is one of the best and its brand recognition brings in plenty of business. As a result, one of the best franchises to own during the holiday season is The UPS Store because more mail and packages are shipped than at any other time during the year.

Dollar Stores by Allied Systems
Americans like getting the most for their money and this is exactly what a Dollar Stores by Allied Systems franchise offers them. During the holiday season most people have more gifts to buy than their budget allows. But, the Dollar Stores franchise gives consumers the opportunity to buy all the items they need at a very affordable price. The holiday season is marked by a high shopping volume and many consumers choose to shop at Dollar Stores. As a result a Dollar Store franchise owner will find the holiday season to be the most successful time for the store.

Mrs. Fields Cookies
This franchise is successful during the holidays simply because it provides an outstanding product at an affordable price that is perfect for a holiday gift or to take to a holiday party. Few people have the time to bake these days, but that’s ok since Mrs. Fields bakes all day long and has fresh cookies, brownies, and cookie cakes available. Because so many people buy cookies during the holiday season as gifts or for a party a Mrs. Fields Cookies franchise is really successful during this time period.

Hollywood Tans
The tanning industry is a big one that continues to grow each year. And, this industry finds that most of its business is done during the winter months and especially during the holiday season. The reason why tanning franchises like Hollywood Tans are so successful during the holiday season is for two reasons. First, the weather is not favorable to tanning outside and there are lots of holiday parties. Women and men alike want to look good during the holidays and a tan helps them do that. Because of this a Hollywood Tans franchise sees increased business during the holiday season and winter months.

The healthcare industry gets bigger each year with more and more individuals worrying about their health and their weight. GNC and other similar franchises have always been popular and increasingly so during the holidays. However, with each passing year they are becoming even more popular. Everyone knows they put on a few extra pounds during the holidays so they turn to GNC for supplements, weight loss pills, vitamins, and more to help them drop the holiday pounds and become healthy. There are some people who turn to GNC during the holidays for the sole fact that they don’t want to gain any weight and need supplements to help them. GNC products also make great holiday gifts. All of these reasons combined make GNC an outstanding franchise to own during the holidays.

The Wine Loft
All year long people go out on the town however during the holidays the amount of parties and socializing dramatically increases. There are all kinds of parties and the like held at various establishments and wine bars have become one of the most popular places to hold any kind of get together. Because of this The Wine Loft is an outstanding franchise to own during the holidays. This is because it allows for a classier setting for a holiday get together or party and all types of wines are available, which adds to the elegance. Of all the establishments offering holiday party space wine bars are becoming the most popular, so The Wine Loft is a great holiday franchise.

Pet Depot
The pet industry is huge and especially popular during the holiday season. That is because so many individuals give and receive pets as holiday gifts. The amount of pets sold during the holiday season is significantly higher than during the rest of the year. This means that The Pet Depot is a wonderful holiday pet franchise because all types of pets are sold through the store and it’s a perfect place to buy a pet for the holidays.

Wireless Giant
Another popular holiday gift is a cell phone, especially for tweens and teenagers. Parents looking for the best plan and the best phone may feel overwhelmed by the many different wireless companies out there. However, The Wireless Giant makes buying a cell phone and finding the perfect plan easy because all carriers, plans, and cell phones are offered through this franchise. Since cell phones are one of the hottest holiday gifts The Wireless Giant is one of the hottest holiday franchises.

Gold’s Gym
January 1 is the typical day that everyone vows to get back in shape. And, lots of people are thinking about losing weight up to a month before while they are enjoying all the great holiday foods. Because of this lots of individuals give gym memberships as holiday gifts because they know a loved one either needs to get in shape or plans on getting in shape for the New Year. Also, plenty of individuals sign up for a gym membership so they are ready for the New Year and their new fitness routine. Since better health is on everyone’s mind during the holiday season Gold’s Gym health and fitness franchise is a profitable one during the holiday season.

BP Connect
Besides giving gifts what is one thing most individuals do during the holiday season? The answer is travel! Traveling by car is by far the most popular and since vehicles need gas to get anywhere a gas station is a great holiday franchise. One of the best franchises is BP Connect. The BP name is familiar and trustworthy and most travelers choose a familiar franchise over a name they don’t know. Since so many people travel during the holiday season and look for a familiar gas station to fill up a BP Connect franchise is a winning franchise during the holiday season.

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