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Star Trek Online in February

Not long ago,about four months,at the beginning of the week on Amazon and GameStop have appeared date of the sto credits, a MMORPG which many eagerly await a Cryptic and Atari have recently confirmed that the dates are correct. According to them, Star Trek Online will be published in America, 2nd February, and three days later in Europe.

Players will be the captains of the Federation or Klingon ship and engage in battle, explore new worlds, you have to decide on the composition of their crew and do what we have seen in countless series and movies of this popular franchise.

perhabs,only little people konw that the game has a slightly longer history than just 4 months ago. Development began Perpetual 2004th The first was a plan that will be all the same ST playable, in the end to burn only the federation and the races that are in it to late 2007. started rumors that the WTO has been canceled, and then beginning of 2008. Perpetual has lost his rights and while it was not known whether it will be someone to take over or is it all fell into the water. In the end it took cryptic, and what all they have not made more predetaljno monitored. I also just only know that they announced that all parties will be playable as a first idea should be.

Now,the game is online,I think its enthusiast has experience the pleasure of playing the is not only impressive, but maybe take surprise when he plays.

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