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New Football Shirt Designs Cause Quite a Buzz

Since professional football teams have different uniform shirts every year, there is a lot of excitement about what the new football shirt designs will be. Rumors fly through the football community about what the new shirts will look like – and whether they are good or bad designs. Fans get a sort of sneak preview of what the season will be like when they finally get to discover the new football shirt designs.

A football team’s shirt design can mean more than just a fashion statement. Some teams shy away from certain designs or color combinations because they’ve been unlucky in them before. Sometimes the team will use its new shirt design to make a statement about how cutting edge and contemporary they are. Sometimes a new shirt design will be a little more traditional and remind fans of the long history of the franchise. Whatever the new design, fans who want to be current will go out and buy the shirt from the current year so they can cheer on their favorite team in style.

This year there are many new football shirt designs that take advantage of advancing technology in fabrics and design. Some teams have begun to use an armor-like design that makes it look like they are wearing body armor under their uniforms. One of the more odd features of the new football shirt designs are the zippers on the Chelsea shirts. Football shirts have been known to have buttons or lace up, but zippers are fairly new to football.

Along with the new innovations and contemporary designs, several teams have also included throwback type shirts in their new lineup. Brightly colored checkerboard patterns or alternating stripes are making a comeback with many teams, as well as collars and buttons or lace-ups. Bright accent colors set the shirts off nicely at the hems, necklines, and sleeves.

This year’s FIFA World Cup has created a new buzz about football shirt designs. Each team will represent their country, and their football shirts will sport colors and designs that are meaningful. National pride will be on display with new shirts that are the colors of the nation’s flags or bear recognizable national symbolism. World Cup shirts can be pretty collectible because the World Cup is not played every year.

With the football shirts changing every year, and the number of various alternate shirts that are required, new football shirt designs can strain the imagination sometimes. It is pretty impressive that teams can create brand new designs each year while still maintaining their own unique style. Fans of the game don’t seem to mind the constantly shifting designs – in fact, they get pretty excited when the new designs are announced each year.

One of the more ironic situations happens when a team creates an awful new football shirt design. Even if the fans unanimously agree that the shirt is hideous, they will still go out and buy replicas and wear them proudly to the games. Football fans are sometimes almost loyal to a fault.

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