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The Dollar Store Franchise: Taking The Market By Storm

Have you noticed that one of the aisles in your local supermarket or Wal-mart is now reserved for $1 items? Even though same item, under a different brand name, may be available for a higher price elsewhere in the same store?

If so, you’re not alone. Dollar store franchises have been among the fastest-growing segment of the retailing business for nearly a decade, and a report from “Retail Forward’ estimated that there were enough US markets into which dollars store franchises had not penetrated that the growth would continue for several more years.

What is of even more concern to traditional retailers is that, as they are bringing sub-$1 off-brand items into their stores, the dollar store franchise owner is now able to get national brands like Crest, Iams, Coca-Cola and Wolfgang Puck, and many a dollar store franchise is now offering a wide selection of frozen foods, dairy products, and breads and pastries.

Growing and Growing

A phenomenon in dollar store franchise ownership is well underway, as AC Nielsen estimates that over 62% of all US households now shop at dollar stores. While their core customer base has been low-income families, as the buying power of the company behind a dollar store franchise increases, so does the variety and quality of it can offer. Form more info see on Business Franchise

More and more middle and upper-middle class families have discovered the value of shopping at a dollar store franchise, making the dollar store franchise one of the most attractive opportunities for someone wanting to start his or her own business.

A dollar store franchise capitalizes on closed out, overproduced, and defectively packaged items which manufacturers are eager to get off their hands without incurring a total loss. So their inventory will change from week to week, but for you as the owner of a dollar store franchise, that can be a big plus–you’ll have customers who may not need a specific item but just stop in to see what’s new.

A Bright Future

If you are concerned that the dollar store franchise market might have already peaked, consider this: with the rising costs of gasoline, every segment of the retail market will have to raise its prices to cover the increase in transportation expenses. That increase will be a lot less likely to drive away dollar store franchise customers than it will those of the traditional retailers. Why?

Because the dollar store franchise, even if it does have to raise its prices, will still be cheaper than the alternatives. The chances are excellent that it will not only keep its existing customers, it will draw new ones who have finally become fed up with their escalating grocery and household goods bills.

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