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Iaremyhair Business Franchise: Go Global With Lesser Fees and More Support – Singapore Franchise Opportunities for Singapore Lifestyle Franchise

iAremyhair is a hair boutique and a one-stop hair loss solutions center. It offers high quality products and services that are customised to the clients’ individual needs.

One only needs to meet Peter Lim, iAremyhair’s dynamic founder and iAremyhair’s business franchise Director, to see why franchising a hair loss solution business should fit into any entrepreneur’s plan. Whilst the market is growing and iAremyhair offers a unique solution, it is Peter’s drive and enthusiasm that should assure potential franchisees of complete support.

Peter is passionate about transforming lives by restoring hope to individuals struggling with hair loss.

He oversees the business development of iAremyhair and works closely with his experienced and meticulous staff. Together, they assist clients by assessing various options and providing the best solution for their hair loss concerns.

The center specialises in Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System, a revolutionary and state-of-the art solution to hair loss. iAremyhair also provides effective hair treatment to manage thinning hair and offers specific complementary products to its clients.

iAremyhair is the first Hair Loss Solutions Centre to be accredited by Case Trust in Singapore.

It instills assurance through its patented and top quality products, reliable technology and stellar services.

One such product works by revealing a natural looking front hairline and the hair can be styled and parted to seamlessly blend with the scalp and hair. The system ensures customers of a comfortable, customised and convenient solution to hair loss.

iAremyhair also offers other products and services such as hair extensions, chemotherapy wigs and hair treatment.

The hair extension service is ideal for clients with short, thinning or slow growing hair. In just two hours, clients gets longer and thicker hair.

The center also provides wigs for customers with hair loss due to medical reasons. iAremyhair is also a trusted supplier of chemotherapy wigs for Singapore National Cancer Centre.

The hair treatment service is ideal for clients with thinning and damaged hair. iAremyhair uses the latest, most effective, patented and FDA approved products for treatment.

iAremyhair recently launched its international business franchise program which focuses on neighbouring countries, including China and India. The iAremyhair business franchise program is a unique hybrid that provides the benefits of a Master Franchise and an Area Franchise model.

The “more support and lesser fees” is patterned after an Area Franchise format while the development schedule and territorial grants are patterned after a Master Franchise model. As a result, iAremyhair franchisees get a iAremyhair business franchise over a territory while being provided comprehensive support by the franchisor at a low investment. They can also enjoy the benefits of a recurring income franchise and it also provides an additional income for the existing salon business owner.

“iAremyhair is ready to share the experience through business franchise plans,” said Hsien Naidu, Director of business consulting firm, Astreem that consists of a team of franchise consultants, business consultants, branding consultants and marketing consultants. “The team at iAremyhair is set to develop and share their franchise business concept with investors seeking Singapore franchise opportunities through Singapore lifestyle franchise for their business investments.”

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Emily Yung is a franchise marketing consultant in Astreem Corporation. Astreem Corporation is a business and franchise consulting company that specializes in helping business owners to grow their business through franchise development and business matching locally and internationally. Astreem offers management consultancy, business development and marketing services.

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